VR - Preparing Call of Cthulhu Scenarios

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Author: JoJoramar
Thanks. In a lot of ways I suppose it ends up being the same as setting up the events first, but I have always found it easier and more expansive to start with the who or what that is active and address the timeline with what they can reasonably do and when that can reasonably happen followed up with where that has to take place. The players are responsible for doing what comes naturally to their characters and where these things intersect, opportunities manifest.
Author: Kazrakus
Excellent video! Wish I stumbled across it earlier, would have made preparing my own custom scenario a bit easier, since just like you I started out using this idea of an event-line. The stealing-storyelements part comes quite naturally to me though :).
Author: Tygoshura
I honestly can't stand some of the published adventures, esp. the scenario where those fungi summon ithaqua, can't believe anyone signed off on that.
Author: Voodoor
Super cool video and thanks for the reply. I should really get around to posting videos again - Can't believe that video is two years old. My writing has definitely changed since then.
Author: Netaxe
It would be very interesting to hear about this evolution, and all the things you tried in between.


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