Transforming GRIANS MINECRAFT MANSION With Redstone!

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Comments "Transforming GRIANS MINECRAFT MANSION With Redstone!":

Author: Malamuro
*Mumbo tries to get through a one block hole *
Author: Samukora
If only he looked on the roof
Author: Shakaran
Remember how happy he was when he learned the leaves could be used as redstone then never used it?
Author: Tojakus
"Am i a joke to you?"
Author: Vira
What if Grain broke something and said "I thought it was magic"
Author: Moll
"Allow me to show you around..."
Author: Nektilar
-Minecraft Steve, 6969
Author: Zulkilrajas
That's all I can get, I can't get the other ones because Mumbo moves around so quickly even though I know there is still billions of signs I missed...
Author: Bagul
Now no one knows waht was written on thows signs
Author: Moogubei
Grian: can design real good
Author: Mesho
Me:*flips every table in anger*
Author: Mirisar
If I squinted any more, my eyes would be closed.
Author: Nigrel
For anyone wondering what the signs says, here you go
Author: Faurr
Me: can do nothing real good
Author: Zolozahn
Mumbo: "this looks epic!" Grian: "what have you done to my house."
Author: Malalabar
"Hello Mumbo, welcome to the MUMBO MANSION!!!"
Author: JoJorn
looks at Mumbo face
Author: Zura
Author: Mezigis
i think its adorable how mumbo finds grians building skills so very cool and grian likewise with mumbos redstone
Author: Mikahn
Author: Vihn
"If you really squint..."
Author: Zuramar
Well, i mean u did a awesome job on the redstone, but it stands out and doesnt quite fit in, especially in the kitchen. Then again, youre the redstone genius and hes the building god
Author: Kam
"I "MOUSTACHE" you a question... Do you like it?"
Author: Faedal
What an epic build
Author: Kakus
Mumbo jumbo: "Now I'm thinking..."
Author: Mebei
Surely he might not notice the mustache at the top
Author: Shaktigor
Who came from Grian
Author: Dall
Grian reaction: half of the video
Author: Taule
Grian: If you want to see the signs look on Mumbo's video
Author: Turn
"Haha the pig dispenses onto the grill. Thats awful, but good redstone, haha."
Author: Shakarr
creates a chillingly cold yet elaborate animal breeding and slaughtering machine 2 minutes later
Author: Taulmaran
Author: Ararn
I wish mumbo read the signs
Author: Sagul
Mumbo reaction: 3 minutes
Author: Mezidal
Mumbo: can redstone real good
Author: Voodoozuru
Author: Gorisar
Mumbo: doesnt read the signs


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