Train Simulator 2015 - Chicago Racetrack, ES44 NS Heritage

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Author: Mezikasa
i know it is quiet funny
Author: Nikonris
Why can't DTG add the bell as a patch fix?
Author: Malagar
Excellent Matt, Agsieg knows how to create great scenarios.
Author: Nezshura
This was posted on my Birthday
Author: Memi
hey Matt can you answer some question for me? firstly, I purchased ts15 today and it was the exact same game as 13', highly disappointed. But any who I wanna get the racetrack dlc because I live in Chicago, but it says only for ts16. Will it still work for 15 if I buy it? don't want to waste my money!
Author: Dom
I believe it's called the racetrack because it's not uncommon to see trains racing.
Author: Brazshura
How much Was RailDriver I Might Get It! Great Video I Subbed!
Author: Akilkree
Can you do more NS Heritage please like Wabash units
Author: JoJorn
Why you not blowing at a railroad crossing stupid
Author: Tozragore
how did you get his?
Author: Gashakar
Wow! Good video. The Chicago Racetrack would be a great place to go Railfanning.
Author: Tygorisar
With them b*** a** glasses on
Author: Salkis
Author: Maurisar
how I can make my Train Simulator 2016 does not this slow ? I appreciate an answer thanks .
Author: Tebei
Great Video Matt!


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