TOP 10 Real-Life Like SURVIVAL Games Of 2017 and Beyond | BUILD, CRAFT and SURVIVE

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Author: Shakaran
This is unfair MAN!!
Author: Dishura
Real life like survival games. First we see dragons and mars. Bruh.
Author: Mabar
8. 1:44 Scum
Author: Kajimi
somethiing aweessommeee!!
Author: Tejin
conan exiles was awesome and a nice alternative to rust until it was over run with hackers and essentially abandoned.
Author: Tojanris
Is there a reason why the dude sounds like he's reading an assignment given by his professor to be read in front of the class, which he constructed using cut phrases from wikipedia? Because he probably is
Author: Kak
3. 4:32 Wild
Author: Yozshumuro
Something awesome
Author: Tygozuru
I like the video, but very much dislike clickbait.. if you not had chosen to lure ppl to watch with a picture there not is to be found anywhere in the video, but instead had chosen a pic from the video as thumbnail, then I would have given this video thumbs up.. but clickbait = Thumbs down from me.
Author: Jum
Author: Zulular
2. 5:03 Escape from Tarkov
Author: Digul
4. 4:05 Frostpunk
Author: Tarn
1:57 did u just repeat your self lol
Author: Kazigul
Have a good day folks!
Author: Mikaktilar
I wanted to se only that game
Author: Vomuro
Author: Kigalkree
GUYS!!! This list is pretty old.. Check Out Our Latest video on SURVIVAL GAMES here:
Author: Nesho
You are not showing enough video footage and your speaking too fast.
Author: Mooguzilkree
something awesome.
Author: Dit
Tell us about latest and awesome mobile games
Author: Kazrall
6. 3:01 Conan Exiles
Author: Mat
Where's the girl?
Author: Shaktim
9. 1:10 RokH
Author: Jurg
I am a single man. I see a braless woman. I click.
Author: Sataxe
looks like some great games are coming out this year!!!
Author: Yozshuzshura
just cause is more real life like than these games.
Author: Zulumuro
10. 0:25 Prey for the Gods
Author: Akijora
1. 5:38 State of Decay 2
Author: Guran
5. 3:26 Astroneer
Author: Sakasa
7. 2:28 Project Wight
Author: Vosar
something awesome
Author: Mazukazahn
State of decay 2 looks interesting 👍😉
Author: Tojasida
I don't think this guy knows what " real life like" means.
Author: Vudokora
The game shown in videos icon is not shown in video....


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