Subnautica - Part 2 - IT BLEW UP

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Author: Fenrigul
Hey, whispers “it blew up”
Author: Kagagar
Make the high capacity air tank.
Author: Shaktigore
Can't wait till he finds a Reaper Leviathan
Author: Doushakar
Can you please make longer videos? like so he can see this comment
Author: Fedal
It's okay That your late as long as your videos are good (which they are) your fine #TmartnFTW
Author: JoJozragore
I want an hour daily
Author: Meztilkree
Also for oxygen you can get these oxygen tubes that run down from the top of the ocean to however far you want them to go, kind of like a straw.
Author: Vizuru
who remembers raft??
Author: Ararg
Explore the ship to get more equipment
Author: Gami
There is alot of storyline so goodluck
Author: Mezizil
This is one of my favorite series that jacksepticeye has done and now that you, my favorite youtuber, are also doing it is dope
Author: Fenrile
Hi Trevor the love the vids keep up the good work can’t wait for supercoopersunday
Author: Nesho
You can pick up more than one fish
Author: Moogura
When going up to oxigen dont go up for a second and then go down you have to stay up a few seconds
Author: Shakataxe
I have never clicked so fast. I love this game. Keep it up Trev your doing great
Author: Nikobar
YES, Thanks so much Trev. Absolutely LOVE this series
Author: Faubei
Trev, next episode you should also upgrade your oxygen tank!!
Author: Zugul
Keep up with this series.
Author: JoJorr
You are the best tmartn2 been watching every video since you got Cooper and all your gaming videos
Author: Arajora
Who else clicked right away?
Author: Dizragore
wadup trev keep it up with these vids plz
Author: Zulurisar
0:08 insert we did it guys pyrocinical memes here


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