Phoenix RC flight simulator review

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Author: Tekasa
hi guyver the simulator is f-uking awesome, BUT everytime i turn on my computer i have to reset my settings on my transmiter ,why is this HELP PLEASE.
Author: Goltibar
Great video, thanks. I watched this yesterday and went straight out and ordered the simulator. The shop I went to had Realflight set up and running but this looks so much better. I hope I'm not disappointed!! lol.
Author: Shaktirr
Hi there thanks for a great review, your favourite seaside one is my local town, you flying from Poole in Dorset, the actual corner of that field is on the road to Sandbanks, nice expensive place, but anyway thanks for your time and effort, I liked it very much, as others have said yours is the best review
Author: JoJobar
Author: Akinozilkree
Have sorted my problem out. It was a faulty trainer port on the controller. The support at Phoenix pin pointed the problem almost straight away purely by email. The shop replaced it straight away. Am now enjoying the simulator and concur with the views previously expressed. It is great. The only problem is the choice of aircraft and flying sites means that I am spending more time 'exploring' than I am practicing!!
Author: Yor
your mode 2 have you thought mode 1 itmight help
Author: Meztidal
Thanks for the video your review helped a lot,i just ordered my phoenix simulator.
Author: Vigal
The problem is that there isn't le word "following" but only skip.  
Author: Vuzil
RealFlight7 appears to have some excellent tutorials from well known flyers which are reviewed at  Hobbico / GreatPlanes REALFLIGHT 7 Simulator Full Review & Demonstration
Author: Malajas
what version is this?  I don't have the 450 nightly helicopter.
Author: Voodooll
Cheers and thanks for taking the time to help us all out.
Author: Kajitaur
how do i down load multi rotor drones
Author: Tashicage
hi there ,very good review :) could you tell me . I have a dx6i , and would like this sim , could I just buy the game  and lead for it ?without the transmitter?
Author: Dazuru
Is the sim able to be run on Mac (I have a macbook pro running on OS X and no CD/DVD drive) - if so, is there a way of purchasing as a download?
Author: Tom
im a long term phoenix user but been using realflight 7 for a few days. i can understand why people say RF is a better sim because flying the helis seems harder in that they are glitchy, unpredictable and technically challenging compared to the smooth and 'locked in' way phoenix helis work. but its not a huge difference and im not 100% sure the difficulty level is justified as the helis actually seem alot harder and less smooth to fly in RF than a real heli is. however i think phoenix is a MUCH better program over-all. its more mac like, slick and well thought out with no rough edges. RF is primitive and rough in the way the interface has been designed (or just evolved) and operates and not what i was expecting from quite expensive 2014 software that has had over 10 years and many paid for versions to iron out rough edges. its incredibly slow to load, looks quite old fashioned and windows 98 like, and when you move between the flight screen and menus its very slow, and there are odd windows opening and disappearing as it works out what to do. you get the impression its going to crash or freeze up at any time. the tuning menus are not very intuitive either, and its extremely hard to make the helis act differently from how they come as standard. im trying to alter the flip/roll rate (why is it soo slow as standard) but whatever i change doesnt make the heli fly any better. if i give it fast cyclic it just goes all wibbly wobbly. just been back to phoenix and i was right at home. the heli is not as fierce and realistic but its much more fun, to be honest. im sure RF is great too once you get used to it, but phoenix is better value IMO. it translates very well to real life, with no nasty surprises in the physics, and its taught me how to do quite advanced 3d on a 450 by using the bigger phoenix models
Author: Akilrajas
Hi , please help me !! I have downloaded my friends copy of phoenix 5 flight simulator on my computer but I have no lead , I have a hitech aurora 9 radio and cant find any info on what lead i need ?? any help would be much appreciated , thanks Scott .
Author: Nidal
is this only out for windows? and would it ever be out for mac?
Author: Zulkimuro
replica game of replica helicopters lol less flying more crashing and destruction lol
Author: Kira
Hi, awesome review. I have recently advanced from co-axial to single blade helicopter. Have bought a Blade 200 CRX. Beautiful little electric chopper. Now having watched your review, I am certainly going to buy this Sim. Many thanks for your time and effort in uploading this video.  Your are a Star !!!
Author: Juzshura
veri gud
Author: Totilar
Hi to you. I am a complete novice to RC aircraft and heli, never ever flown real or sim. I have VRC PRO RC Simulator for cars and i am very proficient at it. So bare that in mind, could you please say in your opinion which for me would be the better sim to get for complete ease of use.. Realflight 7 or Phoenix RC Simulator. I have no interest in doing this for real, i would just love to do this on my PC and waste many hours. i would please appreciate any feedback from you. Regards
Author: Fenrizil
Hello, great review. I was wondering if this simulator had 3rd person view. Ive been looking at flight sims and this has been brought up over and over as the best. 
Author: Dami
just watched your video mate and ive said to the wife ive got to get one,and an rc helecopter im hooked.
Author: Gomuro
Sorry for my bad english...
Author: Samugar
After buying RealFlight and discovering they have NOTHING close to a 5-channel pusher glider, I looked at Phoenix website and notice they have ignored this type of plane as well. Sky Surfer, Cloud Surfer, Skywalker... NOTHING. It's almost creepy that everyone avoids these things.
Author: Kagaramar
Do you mind sharing how did you capture the screen? Thank you. Great vid.
Author: Faetaxe
That should read 'unrecognised'!
Author: Magul
How can I solve this problem please?
Author: Gardakora
I picked my copy up last Friday full of anticipation. Unfortunately despite installing the software with no problems on four different computers I have been unable to play it as the usb controller is recognised. I guess I've got a dud adapter so it appears that the only part of helicopter flying that it will be simulating for me is the endless trips to and from the modelshop the one part I can do with out!
Author: Taubar
Great vid, as below, just ordered Phoenix, to go with my DX6i. !
Author: Juzahn
Great great review. Really appreciate the effort. I've been thinking about getting this simulator since I wanna learn 3D Heli flying and your video has convinced me to get it. Just a quick question though... do you find these models as realistic as the real life models?
Author: Tautaur
Where can you buy it
Author: Mazuzragore
Stellar review! Thank you for sharing.
Author: Douzuru
I'll report on how I get on. In the meantime this may be something worth considering when deciding which sim to go with.
Author: Goltigal
youll be ok just dont get overconfident thats when they happen when i went solo my thumbs were just hovering over the sticks but youll get over that
Author: Sataxe
And can you use a Devo F7 controller?
Author: Kigarn
Hi. Heres hoping you can advise me on what to do with my Phoenix Sim. I have had it on my laptop a few months. until i let some one have a go with it before he had a go my bottom task bar for the comp and the little bar at the top used to disappear With the Sim task bar. God knows what he has pressed but it wont go now:( If i go into the settings and click full screen then it goes and wont be there what ever. Its just annoying. I could do with getting it back to how it was when first installed. Hope someone can help.   
Author: Takus
how do you set up the controller
Author: Bragore
Seriously though from looking at the forums this doesn't seem to be an isolated incident and there is some disquiet over Phoenix's attitude when it comes to replacements.
Author: JoJogar
Hey Guyver, nice video. I think all of us are trying to get a leg up flying out there. Nothing worse than a crash and a phone call to the toy shop on a fix it price. I'm getting into the same heli you have sio I bought this sim.
Author: Kajilrajas
Great review I have Phoenix rc do you think it will up date or do u think I might have to buy a new version I have seen some of these locations on my sim thanks
Author: Nidal
is there a fpv
Author: Mekree
Is there drones in this game? (Or downloadable drones/quads?) And do you need a gamling computer or would it work fine on an average gaming laptop?
Author: Akim
Great review.  Thanks so much.
Author: Ketaxe
goto 20:00 to see it fly
Author: Daishakar
My software know my AZPRO radio but when I have tried to create a new profile, I have a problem. 
Author: Doran
looks fun, and I even orded realflight 7.5
Author: Gokinos
Would've appreciated more info on the tutorials.  After all, that's a major factor in which simulator to choose from.
Author: Moogukazahn
does it work with flysky tx
Author: Vudoramar
Was this all downloaded over CD? Also, is this compatible with Apple Mac OS operating systems? I don't have any windows computers or a cd tray...
Author: Shajinn
Secondly, can you run the sim with the LP6DSM transmitter?
Author: Gakinos
Their is a V5q patch which seems to work pretty well.
Author: Mazuzuru
please can you tell me if the FlySky FS-i6 2.4G 6CH transmitter will work with this sim?
Author: Nesida
can i connect this sim with my walkera devo 8s?
Author: Vojin
I can no longer find this sim. i want to get it.. i have went directly to the phoenix website that leads me to and they do not carry it. I only see the real flight software listed.
Author: Viktilar
hi guyver just to let you no that ive just bought the phoenix rc5 simulater with transmitter,NOT cheep r thay lol,anyway ill let you no how i get no my friend.
Author: Tarr
O mine must be the first version I haven't played it in years it's just called Phoenix flight sim not Phoenix 4 so I hope it updates
Author: Goltiktilar
Anyway, I chose Phoenix because of the graphics.  RF7 looks like your flying around inside a cartoon.  I can't understand why no one else has pointed that out.
Author: Doulrajas
very nice graphic 
Author: Goshakar
thanks for this . i have been looking to buy a sim . and think iam going to get this one .
Author: Tosho
Thanks for your reply, i asked a you tuber who did a video on the phoenix sim the exact same question and he said if you are not going to fly for real save your money, its expensive and boring. But you have not said that, as i said to him i just want a flight sim for pure fun on PC as i get with VRC PRO. His comment was, its pointless if you do not fly real. Thanks for your feedback
Author: Kakree
who cares about rc simulator, battlefield 4 is enough lol
Author: Mekus
Great video - couple of questions (apologies if people have already asked)...
Author: Fenrira
Cool, I have the DX 6i on the way, along with this sim. I live in the People's Republic Of California so crashing in the park might be punishable by 1 million dollar lawsuit followed by firing squad. I can fly the hell oughta the indoor gyro but soon to be humbled by the Nano fixed pitch. Hopefully the whole RC hobby will eventually pull in some
Author: Vugal
hi guyver the transmitter i got with it is a 6 channel, 0904A, if that helps.sorted it out for got to edit n flying the B.17 ,BUT CANT DO HELIS YET LOL.I AM LOOKING INTO BYING THE b.17.
Author: Faer
Hi is this phoenix 4 sim ?? Cheers
Author: Akile
good stuff
Author: Meztira
My Phoenix 1V w/spektrum Dx5e not longer works right, something hacked into software downloads and all is opposite/backwards and reversed. I can't fly now and I'd erased download and re-install program. Its scrambled.   I'm at a loss, HELP !.
Author: Fenrilabar
Hey. Thanks for that awesome Review! It helped me a lot to find out what's a good Simulator for me. I already searched for other Reviews but they all were crap. Thanks m8.
Author: Vuzshura
Hi awesome review. My laptop doesn't have a DVD rome drive. Is there a way to buy it?
Author: Dir
Can you recommend a good Remote control, I want to begin fly heli's but thinking of buying this first and want a good RC for future chopper buy.
Author: Mami
Awesome so long as you don't need to update, or reinstall on a new computer. I wasn't even able to contact "support". Too bad, I like the program which ran fine on my XP system.
Author: Moogutaxe
Hi,I have lost the download cd which came with the package I still have the spectrum dx5e remote control the program I installed has been deleted by mistake,does any one know if I can get this sight up and running again  with out the cd?
Author: Nazragore
hi can you tell me which version this is, thanks cool vid
Author: Zulutilar
My question. Scale of 1-10. (10  being most helpful). How helpful was this software for you in real outdoor flight with currency on the line? (aka crash)
Author: Voodoolkree
Good afternoon,


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