Overture - The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses

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Author: Vudorg
Its too bad we cant hear the choir that much. Beautiful piece!
Author: Samuran
Tomorrow, November 30 2017. I am going to the show in Vancouver after being a Zelda fan for over 11 years now; i just know it's going to be an emotionally charged
Author: Zulkizragore
Someone tell me that the conductor was holding a wind waker baton. I need to know.
Author: Arashigami
Zelda has the best Music of all Games!
Author: Vokus
When you realize there was a scheduled orchestra exactly on your birthday but you're really broke to afford a UK visa
Author: Tojakree
It is highly mandatory to have a box of tissues handy when watching this video. It will get you right in the feels instantly.
Author: Tojazahn
Author: Bahn
when I was in the symphony I was holding back tears it was so good
Author: Nikogis
OMG,this is epiiiiiiiiiic :o
Author: Mooguzshura
I'm ejaculating treble cleffs 😫
Author: Telar
Thah zelda's lullaby give me shivers
Author: Akinozshura
What songs do you think is in the overture? The songs are in my head
Author: Mezigar
oops misslick, nice seats you had there
Author: Mashicage
I'm fom Buenos Aires, Argentina. The symphony was always a dream for me. I thought they were never going to come to my city, until a while ago I was walking and I saw a big advertisement in the door of a theatre. It was link and sheik, both playing their instruments, below it said "The Legend of Zelda, Symphony of the Goddessess, march 17". When I saw that I started crying in the middle of the street, I couldn't believe. My dream came true. I've waited years, I thought it was impossible, but now it is real. I can't wait for march 17. Thank you to all the Symphony for making my dream true.
Author: Samurg
why does this only have 64, 541 views??!! This is clearly better that the 30th anniversary concert's short medley suite


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