OpenBVE: Bowling Green Bound 6 train | R142A | Lexington Express

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Author: Mogar
New Person at NYC: Ohh Really..! Lets take a tour..
Author: Juzilkree
*MTA Employee Interrupts"
Author: Kerisar
Just telling you guys before zerega ave there was a glitch pc train. It flinged in the air for a quick sec
Author: Dikus
YOU LIED TO ME.. ;-; ._.
Author: Kazrajar
Yes excellent this was what I was waiting for my entire life and next time can you do 6 Local train to Bowling Green Loop please
Author: Zoloshicage
Oh God i have to hold the D...
Author: Mimi
IS there any download link of this route?
Author: Faulkree
Looks angrily at the leaving 4 train
Author: Vuzragore
How do I get OpenBve? Link plz
Author: Arashigrel
This is awesome!! Is it released?!
Author: Shaktinris
Railfanner: The Bx12 Select Bus is serviced at the Bronx not here.. you have to take back the 4 to Fordham Rd and then over there is where the Bx12 Bus is in service
Author: Faetaur
I like the exterior shots!
Author: Doum
Lexington Avenue Exp/Pelham-Bronx Local/To Bowling Green
Author: Jusida
Why was the 6 train in front was going fast out of station 🙍🙍
Author: Tedal
Super I’ve been waiting for this
Author: Goltikinos
A R142A <6> train
Author: Dirg
It looks like a Real 6 Train their my favorite train
Author: Fenrigul
New Person at NYC: But the train said that i can transfer here to the Bx12 Select Bus... '_'
Author: Mazulmaran
Author: Samuro
MTA Employee: Noo Buddy you cannot hold the doors..
Author: Shaktisar
New Person at NYC: Okay
Author: Nerr
C00l I'm not good at texturing
Author: Kajinos
Tries Finding the Bx12 Select Bus
Author: Grobar
great vid bro
Author: Moogumuro
Do more videos😅!
Author: Zologami
Asks People Nearby
Author: Jugul
Surprisingly, the route lags a lot for me.
Author: Fek
New Person at NYC: Goes back to the subway
Author: Samulrajas
BveFan, the 4 train is out now. when will you release the 4 train gameplay?
Author: Moogule
Goes Upstairs
Author: Dusar
Railfanner: No... you cant
Author: Nibar
Looks at an Arrriving 4 train uptown
Author: Faelkree
BveFan Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Author: Durg
quick question: What recording software do u use?
Author: Kijas
This is Bowling Green.. Transfer is available to the Bx12 Select Bus Service...


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