Is the Sony PX470 with Lavalier Mic any good???

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Author: Tugal
Do you have any tips to remove the clicking sound being recorded when I press on the stop button after recording? Thanks!
Author: Faushicage
Tomb Raider is the best game ever and Lavalier Mic?Great sound for the price. I use this with the 3.5mm (1/8") adapter to plug in directly to my H1 Zoom digital recorder and it sounds great. My first use was on the beach for a wedding and the minister mic and the groom mic sounded great, and the mini furry windscreen blocked out a lot of the wind on a very windy day.Cheers!
Author: Meztilkree
Sony is better ....
Author: Mezishakar
Author: Jura
heyy new sub here like the videos keep em coming.
Author: Tunris
Could you review the built in mic like we would use? External mic doesn't really give us a true review. Audio_Tech isn't all that good to me. You sound soft and not enough highs in your voice, kind of muffled. fyi
Author: Yotaur
I do notice a difference in that the Audio-Technica appears to have better sound quality, but not by a significant amount. The Sony Mic sounds just fine, and its portability makes it a great asset. Hello from a PS Vita Gamers Unite! member(:
Author: Zulkirn
Thank the lord! I've spent days looking for an option that will work with a Sony NEX-6 and a GoPro Hero 5! This coupled with a Rode VideoMicro seems to tick all the boxes. Thanks for the review.
Author: Fesho
I have now been using the PX470 for several months and love it. I record with a camcorder, drop the files into Sony Vegas Movie Studio, record narration while watching the edited video, drag the sound files from the PX470 and they sync no problem with the video. Good review.
Author: Dizilkree
I would like to know if the device records in STEREO when using stereo EXTERNAL microphone?
Author: Zulkidal
To me the A Technica is inferior in sound quality, and I believe because it picks up far more room sound than the lavaliere. It may be a superior mic technically, but its quality is lost somewhat by having it so far from you. A better test, though for your purpose not practical, is testing the mics side by side, the same distance from the sound source. Also, the Sony has (I think) more than one mic setting, so maybe you can tweak that. I prefer the Sony in this video. AT was muffled by comparison.
Author: Bralmaran
Your AT mic might sound better if you tilt it up to face you, instead of facing more up. It picks up lots of room echo, reducing the crisp sound that it probably has when you talk right at it. I noticed when you were facing the table fiddling with the Sony and the lavaliere, your sound was excellent - less room echo, more direct sound to the mic.
Author: Vokazahn
My Sony PX470 doesn't work with my ext. lavalier for unknown reason. Could your pls share your settings to use Sony with ext. microphone?
Author: Gagrel
Great video man.
Author: Makinos
sony's better sounding here.
Author: Kisho
The new setup is far and above better than the audio technica desk mic. Although I wouldn't rule it out during a podcast where multiple people are talking at once. Although while clarity and nuance of your voice may be better. I feel like you lost some soundstage, some dynamics, it sounds like your in a closet recording audio. But that's just me.
Author: Malami
more ps vita videos. i wanna now if i should buy one :D
Author: Jull
Happy New Year PunchNpie


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