[How to] Move Steam games manually to another hard drive

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Author: Juhn
You saved me weeks of redownloading. Thank you.
Author: Gosar
thank you man i love u im u just earned a sub
Author: Nehn
Thank you, really helped!!!
Author: Gardahn
Wow, finally an easy, fast and well prepared tutorial. Well done and thanks!
Author: Tetilar
Nice! Easy and straight to the point tutorial that WORKS! Much appreciated:)
Author: Kazira
By far the best explanation I found - thanks
Author: Grojinn
I thought I was gonna redownload the game WHOLE xD. Thank you very much for this fast tutorial!
Author: Kashakar
I flicked thru 7 videos before this. All crap. Mumbling & low volume & not getting to the point & stuff. Thanks for your quality video. S U B B E D!
Author: Daizshura
Thank you, your video was simple, concise and clear.
Author: Faenos
fucking legend, fallout 4 to SSD #life changed forever
Author: Mikaran
Thanks man!
Author: Brazragore
Author: JoJosida
Merry Christmas
Author: Gum
tnx dude really help to save space in my ssd
Author: Mudal
Not all heros wear capes...
Author: Faedal
Sweet. Finally someone makes a video that isn't unnecessarily complex.
Author: Golrajas
straight to the point, no bullshit, no asking for subs or thumbs up, great tut, worked like a charm! ty dude!
Author: Zulugal
Helped a lot! Thanks man :)
Author: Moshakar
thanks it worked <3
Author: Faukazahn
lol I got the same exact seagate backup hardrive as you lol 
Author: Goltisho
Author: Molabar
Thanks man, helped me out a lot!


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