GTA 5 Online - NEW UPDATE! FREE Items, BEST Sports Car Released, RARE Money Bonuses & MORE! (GTA 5)

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Author: Kagaramar
Ayyyyy wassap
Author: Julkis
no flags awesome
Author: Kitaxe
Author: Samuzil
The last time they had the import export they did that in like october
Author: Nikosar
You talk about doing stuff that isn't there for a normal player. Races how I make money
Author: Migis
Author: Mikat
its a free item....not items!! clickbaiter
Author: Arashikus
The best channel
Author: Taumi
Author: Jull
I’m not aloud Twitter but I really need that shark card ive played the game for ages
Author: Kazracage
That cars not free just stop uploading so you don't pop up in my recommended
Author: Toshakar
These accounts take forever follow me instead
Author: Mir
A FOURTH?!?!? Im pretty sure normal people call it a quarter!!!!
Author: Milrajas
What free items
Author: Daigar
I remember when the import Export was double after the gun running was released
Author: Taukora
Can you get this without PS plus
Author: Voodooshura
Damn glitches Probably patch
Author: Meziramar
Oh yeah yeah
Author: Salabar
I thought that the war arena stuff already came out lol
Author: Tolrajas
Has anyone ever seen proof of someone winning one of his contest. I kind of feel like you throw some out there and then never actually gives the stuff out
Author: Dolabar
Im not on twitter tho?
Author: Tell
New car is 🔥
Author: Zolorisar
This game is dead
Author: Zulkisho
Any one know what the next car will be ??
Author: Meztikora
An average car, but still dope 👌
Author: Kasida
Like if u agree
Author: Samuzshura
AMG GT* not the AMG GTR 😉
Author: Yolkree
Author: Tekazahn
How do u have so much money on ps4
Author: Shakagar
Author: Malajora
You’re still one of them best YouTuber
Author: Domuro
Author: Voodoozshura
Hi Ross
Author: Muktilar
MrbossWTF is the best
Author: Samucage
I have subscribed and following you
Author: Mazule
Author: Mogrel
3rd viewed
Author: Yozshunos
G2A is a dodgy site to get games from..DO NOT USE THEM..
Author: Meztigal
It's based on the amg gt
Author: Zuran
Really I’m going on holiday, so I can’t take advantage of the vehicle cargo
Author: Kigarisar
I'm straight on this car
Author: Arataur
Ooh another free plain white t-shirt....
Author: Nikocage
Can someone run the doomsday heist act 2 glitch with me once (PS4 ONLY) HMU
Author: Moogur
Hi first big fan
Author: Akinojin
Mr ross ftloss character looks like an 80s pervert
Author: JoJole
Author: Kagasida
I bought 2 and im buying 5 more so i have many specs best car in the game in every way
Author: Kizuru
I am waching this video at school I know that's stupid
Author: Shakazilkree
Cool Vid, Keep up the good work👍😊😄
Author: Malagar
1.5x speed boys
Author: Tazshura
So dose this means
Author: Kashakar
Author: Maule
MrBoss its time for a sports car test with the two new cars and the pariah
Author: Akijinn
I bought 3
Author: Samukinos
Author: Goltigore
Went back to GTA after a year just waiting for there to be enough content in red dead. GTA will always be fun with the new and crazy content. Just want red dead to be on a similar level
Author: Guzil
Here I come twitter
Author: Bajin
Author: Mikakora
Just do act2 and you are a a billionaire
Author: Nabei
Psn: young_p-44
Author: Kajile
Thanx ! Boss
Author: Mikagar
Last time the double car xp n $$ I got 26mil in one weekend
Author: Nashura
50 % export missions were pretty recent the DOUBLE $ payout is rare only happened 1ce.... Made over 14 million too.
Author: Dailmaran
Author: Nikojinn
Is this car worth getting ?
Author: Shakataxe
Author: Malazahn
Nice Vid keep up the good work, you inspire me to keep uploading
Author: Kazigami
Oh yeah yeah
Author: Mazut
I got the schlagen gt 💪🏻
Author: Gumuro
Great job, Ross. Thx for keeping us updated. Keep up the good work 👍👍
Author: Mauran
This is the best weekly update
Author: Zulkilar
I love it and my dad has it in real life
Author: Faejora
Oh no no
Author: Netaur
Finally I’ve been wanting this car but I’m broke so who has the bogan problem please. I’m on ps4 btw
Author: Nikasa
I like a yacht. Please..
Author: Tygoramar
This car is definitely worth it I just got it not a lot of people play GTA anymore lot of people like Red Dead Redemption 2 but Rockstar hasn't released any more content for you where is it rock star we're all waiting?
Author: Voshakar
First comment
Author: Kishura
This week is a super week in GTA Online!
Author: Arabei
Author: Tumuro
Yeah it’s not
Author: Mautilar
Author: Nikokinos
Lol Mr Beast update make it rain
Author: Kenris
Author: Zulull
Is it true they talking about banning the rockets on the flying bike I kinda need that too kill NPCs
Author: Shaktiktilar
Can you still get mods in gta 5 single player just wanted to know cuz I just got a gameing pc and I don’t have any mods
Author: Gojind
1:00 , 4:28 , 5:18 , 7:11 the answers you’ve all came for.
Author: Taugore
Got suspended for no reason till 18 feb. Already sent 3 tickets. But everytime i get a bot like message. Rockstar support is F*CKING BAD. Now i lose everything i did legit. So i cant enjoy this new content
Author: JoJozil
Author: Migami
Love you Ross ❤️
Author: Vomi
Hi love the vids
Author: Felkis
Anyone else notice the rpm gauge in this car is broke and same with dominator gtx. Kinda annoying when your ocd
Author: Kejas
Give me it Mr boss I love ur videos
Author: Akilkis
Hey @mrbossftw how does G2A work?
Author: Vugis
A free shirt I guess it's better than a sharp stick in the eye
Author: Malami
I really need some money I want to start some CEO crate or import/export. LOVE YOUR VIDEO MR.BOSS KEEP GOING.
Author: Kalmaran
93rd comment :)
Author: Mogis
Its 225 gb update for me now where the hell am going to get these much gb...?.😓
Author: Kigalkis
Author: Visida
the Rc Bandito
Author: Tojaramar
For the dummy’s that think the car is free
Author: Kezil
All warehouses are on sale
Author: Gutaxe
How do I join the Shark card give away ??
Author: Gacage
Author: Akinor
1:26 Doug Demuro is that you?
Author: Nikocage
Favorite part of the video "I tested the car a month ago, look at the video. ".... "these are the stats, I don't know if they're true" "it handles like a dream"
Author: Mazunos
What are handling flags?
Author: Nikokus
So whats free besides doing the races like everything in this video cost money accept for starting up a mission so in reality u need to change your title to stuff you cant afford but i call free and lucrative money making opportunities
Author: Nikojora
Nice video Ross! Cool car+
Author: Nishura
Author: Mugrel
The *
Author: Gardalkis
First noti gang 🤟🏽
Author: Daigal
Author: Yojin
will be released
Author: Vijora
How can I do these missions ... do I have to buy a bunker or facility?
Author: Bakazahn
I just bought the scramjet and now it’s 30% of 😭
Author: Tojall
Dude your terrible when it comes up to designing cars je
Author: Vudolrajas
I was poor asf now I’m freaking rich😂
Author: Brajar
Author: Kazraran
Bring back the car meets
Author: Mikagore
GTA 5 Online - NEW UPDATE! FREE Items, BEST Sports Car Released, RARE Money Bonuses & MORE!
Author: Kazik
these two businesses are the only ones I have & make money off of so that's Great!
Author: Dobei
For the shark card website could u use it on xbox one?
Author: Dukazahn
Author: Makinos
This just makes me more depressed about red redemption online, they updated this first
Author: Kajibar
great week
Author: Zulule
Best red dead 2 youtuber.
Author: Fenrigrel
It's about time this car is finally in gta5 it took forever
Author: Dojind
Yes 2nd
Author: Goshakar
oh no no
Author: Arashisida
What’s up with the extra six seconds?
Author: Vule
I recommend doing cargo double I made over 35 million doing it during the Christmas season..
Author: Akijar
Its like cls amg
Author: Arakora
You can tell hes playing on server that's been manipulated by the fact hes able to drive through intersections at full speed without an npc car pulling out in front of him and stopping
Author: Samulrajas
I dont care about the other cars.just the rc bandito.
Author: Kigarisar
Dang, that's a really good event week.
Author: Nira
This is off topic I couldn't find your dlc for warehouse cargo 2x cash.
Author: Totaur
Author: Torn
I like how u make a 10 minute video and prg can make a 3 minute video
Author: Doull
Remember to watch in 1.25x guys
Author: Fet
Every week new update?
Author: Kigazahn
How the hell did you get so much cha-chinga$$$???
Author: Sanos
"Best Sports car" the Itali gto and the pariah is still faster.
Author: Tojalabar
Hi mr boss you the BEST
Author: Kazrazil
I stopped playing this game 2 years ago I was level 862 I had a K.D of 5.49
Author: Dujind
Author: Malazil
So, I checked my bank before I started in a lobby of 12 people 5 were doing ceo, mc's. My job was to drop packages from a titan at 10 different locations with no problem. I received a bonus of 380,000 dollars. my cargo was at 108 out of 111. For the first time I saw an instant profit of $4,298,231+the 380k.
Author: Akizshura
You know what pisses me off? As much as he's useful, he makes it seem like he owns GTA Online and works for Rockstar when he doesn't.
Author: Nikot
Really great
Author: Tygolkis
Just Purchased A Surano for 110k and its pretty damn great :)
Author: Felkis
Could you please make giveaways in Instagram or YouTube because i havent got Twitter
Author: Voodootaur
I bought 10
Author: Maugal
I want mine the silver color from the pic
Author: Kajizahn
When your rich af Its Cheap
Author: Tull
U were in my session and i didn't know then you left😞
Author: Samulmaran
I want to join your crew
Author: Mur
Author: Akinokinos
Im lost in gta 5 online is there anyone in LA that can help? Maybe guide me online your videos very helpful my ccf got raided now what...
Author: Jura
Pls I never win at anything I'm such a failure and always will be
Author: Manos
Author: Faushakar
Earlier I help a friend full cargo stock in a private session who only got the exact amount that was offered.
Author: Doulkree
It’s the worst looking sports car in my opinion
Author: Kigakus
Author: Dailabar
I just started to play GTA 5 on the PS4 and REALLY broke
Author: Dojin
Great video
Author: Dishura
Oh yeah yeah
Author: Maugami
Author: Shaktigis
I've been playing GTA for like 3 yrs now, at the start I had excellent fps on good settings, now I'm on lowest settings with kinda bad fps, can anyone help me pls?
Author: Vudogami
next week?
Author: Kagatilar
Author: Mezizahn
But... But what about RDR2? 😥


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