FWW2 - Misc Features, Part 2

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Author: JoJora
keep up the good work!
Author: Mezile
in a 1on1 a tiger would win against against a T34, tiger had beter armor, and a beter gun, but when 20 t34's face 1 tiger, then its a diffrent story, 1 story about a tiger who was hit i think 200 times and could still drive, says enough
Author: Akinogis
@EdgarEmigholz PERKELE!!!! We finns fucking deastroyed soviet tanks with FICKING LOGS! We (kind of) won with much, MUCH smaller army, we had like ten tanks and Russians had thousands. PS. WE HAD SIMO HÄYHÄ!
Author: Bajora
tuo on asiaa :D
Author: Vumi
Woah! Almost like a scene from "Talvisota" film (Winter War)...Waiting for release now!
Author: Disar
this mod sucks who wants to play on that front?, id rather destroy hordes of T-34 with a Tiger Tank on the eastern front
Author: Fekora
Just two years late, but you can download alpha from mod forums.
Author: Kaziktilar
Keep up the good work mate.
Author: Tazshura
Author: Daitilar
Looking great, very glad to see this mod is being developed. Not enough WW2 material out there for ArmA.
Author: Kigashura
Why not for arma 2? easy to convert stuff there?
Author: Shaktishicage
Pity i haven't got A1, i'll have to wait even longer before it's available for A2 :p Should be well worth the wait though.
Author: Mauhn
Looks great!
Author: Mezikinos
where you downloaded this mod?
Author: Gagore
ooh its for arma 1, that explains the grahpics, i tought it was for arma 2
Author: Kazahn
This mod is looking great. Im a nerd when it comes to Warfare, especially WW2. I can't wait to play this mod. Any chance we'll see this mod, maybe a beta before the end of the school holidays?
Author: Dojinn
Even more rare to see anything about the Winter War.
Author: Mikazilkree
Holy s*it! I just can't wait anymore :/ Those features were totally awesomes! Good work this far, once again. Keep it up and happy upcoming new year guys!
Author: Tujora


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