Destiny | CRAZY SNIPES! Uffern & Devils Dawn - Live Commentary

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Author: Kejinn
good video wilde :) i dont ever use handcannons, i always used scouts, thats just my thing, but i also snipe and i like using my devils dawn, it just feels right when i use it lol keep up the great work :)
Author: Vull
Seems like the Gunsmith brought all the good rolls in the early weeks of TTK. I've got one with LitC, Rifled Barrel, and Outlaw that he brought. The seven round mag is actually perfect for LitC rolls on this, you have a 50% chance of getting a lucky bullet in each engagement.
Author: Nikorg
The Uffern HC4 can be a good handcannon, and really pull off surprising moments but it also is one of the worst offenders I've ever found for ghost bullets. It just experiences so many ghost bullets I can't use it or recommend it. Even even with all the range boosting perks, still ghosts too often. Can be fun but also cause loud cursing of Dear Senpai Bungo.
Author: Tok
Awesome commentary Wilde c:
Author: Kigataur
Your play is the reason I keep going gunslinger with tripmine grenade.
Author: Vudokora
Very nice video wild....great no scope
Author: Arajora
Author: Grosar
Got the same but I use Sureshot that's the last perk in the sights. Awesome gun but the kick upwards is a bit too much.
Author: Bajin
Author: Goltijora
Great vid .... always good to see someone having FUN in the crucible
Author: Dailrajas


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