Assassins Creed 2 Feathers and Glyphs walkthrough: Romagna

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Author: Dakasa
thanks was very helpful
Author: Kagarisar
i had trouble doing florence but now venice >.>
Author: Gardadal
Hey so if you finish the game than do you get to free rome or do you have o play the missions again for the feathers and glyphs please reply.
Author: Shaktitaxe
I need 2 more feathers, I really want it
Author: Akinris
wich taint or colour or whatever I should call it does he have on his clothes?
Author: Tojall
@RmeliDC fuck u moran!!
Author: Dout
This is rly usefull (NO SARCASM) :)
Author: Dak
thanks a lot :D
Author: Gakree
Thanks :D this helps me alot ;D
Author: Mezizilkree
ac2 is the most sad game i ever played :( but still the game is awesome!
Author: Mijind
why have you always got one square of health?
Author: Yohn
dude THANK YOU SOO FCKIN MUCH when ii saw the last 3 achievemnets for ac2 i was like FCK U ubisoft but now thanks to you i perfected ac2
Author: Mooguk
Wow this helped a LOT
Author: Tokora
what is music playing in beginning? is awesome!
Author: Meramar
99. have to go through some areas again. :(
Author: Mikar
@Hyperawsome no F.A.G is fake and gay
Author: Shak
If you have 99 look in your dna to find out where its at
Author: Keramar
How did you get the carnival cape? Was it when you were starting the carnival mission or did you get it after the mission?
Author: Akilkis
99 D'x WHYYY!!?
Author: Kakasa
thankz man


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