1/3 Scale Fuel Injected 125cc V10 RC Buggy, part 4.

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Author: Tozshura
Author: Vozil
What you experienced is “cogging”, and it happens with unsensored brushless systems. at low RPMs. A sensored ESC and motor allows for smooth operation from top to bottom.
Author: Faurn
very good
Author: Mikak
it sounds like your ESC is the problem with the stutter at low speed .... find out about calibrating the ESC
Author: JoJozilkree
Beautiful by the way I'm in ahhh 😵
Author: Akizil
How did you made CV joints? or what did u modified to make it work for this scale?
Author: Keran
Smaller drive pulleys on the motors cuz the low speed driving is putting to much drag for the motors and esc and it's cogging..
Author: Vudozil
And bigger batteries like twin 6s lipos😈😈😈
Author: Kegis
The Motor jiggles because it isnt sensored.
Author: Doushura
I heard he's making it for 8 year old granddaughter
Author: Sagis
how is this pice of crap 125cc????
Author: Akigrel
Author: Vudokasa
If anyone would like to keep up to date with updates from this page,
Author: Gardagor
Bet its great enjoying your work
Author: Zulkihn
Still waiting for further updates dude
Author: Vudoshura
The speed controller is adjustable and programmable to adjust how the motor starts from a stop. But it can be limited if you do not use motors with hall affect sensors installed. They will perform better in this application.
Author: Vumi
Exactly what King Willie said. Plus i noticed you only had 1 motor plugged up. Too much for the 1 motor
Author: Yokora
Dont crash that, some part would break
Author: Toshicage
Author: Mot
but what happend to the project
Author: Zujas
Link to the Instagram acc of keith57000


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