Louis Theroux discusses Scientology and undercover reporting- Rambam

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Author: Kagajar
Louis is got that quiet muscle thing going for him. Its like he looks straight into people souls and says im not afraid of you.
Author: Kazik
Louis is cheeky.
Author: Brashicage
The clip they've shown me think the entire movie is about him trying and failing to get a decent interview. And I'm not psyched to watch 1.5 hours of him arguing about road access and making fun of scientology camera men.
Author: Brarr
I just love you Louis, it is so refreshing to see you approach controversial topics with the openness and curiosity of a child. You can show us the humans behind the ideas and practices and that is a source of great understanding
Author: JoJokree
You are cute as anything, and a great interviewer, Rinke. Insightful discussion.
Author: Zulutilar
start filming back, and Sweeney makes out the Scientologists filming
Author: Grojind
Louis "why dont you tell him to stop"??
Author: Brasho
Louie looks great with a beard!
Author: Kishicage
Love Louis and would love to see her story on scientology, anyone know where I can find it??
Author: Kazragul
she's beautiful..
Author: Tugore
Louis work on Scientology was his end. It was an absolutely shambolic documentary. He will never recover.
Author: Mimi
woman "tell him to stop"
Author: Zuluzilkree
I think I am in love with Rinke Verkerk. Great video. You are both doing good work.
Author: Goltim
there was honest and candid back and forwards
Author: Kashicage
Louis is a great journalist, sensible , tolerant, and rational. keep going Louis
Author: Tele
Not sure I can take a cinema-length dose of "Are you so stupid?! Do you know what a ROAD is??!!" and silent psychos with cameras.
Author: Nikocage
Very enjoyable interview. Both journalists are charismatic and interesting. Never heard of the female journalist before! Would like to see more of her work.
Author: Vijas
Message to the ''Church of Scientology'' This whole aggressive, not speaking to you, we are going to sue you and dig up dirt on you and the general shroud of ridiculousness isn't doing your Church image any good. Nearly 10 years on from the Panorama program ''Scientology and Me'' where many people got to see how strange and odd the Church of Scientology was, the number of followers have dwindled massively from the early 2000's and there is still worldwide ridicule and scorn at your ''religion''.
Author: Nizil
Author: Zujar
Ma boy louis is killing me. The lady was like "i'm leaving" louis looked at the guy whos filming"well, can i talk to you?" 😂😂
Author: Vilrajas
That interviewer has the exact same voice as a youtuber called Gryffix
Author: Negrel
When you host and interviewer and get interviewed yourself..awesome louis, awesome
Author: Kikus
Author: Arak
woman "tell him to stop filming me"
Author: Shakadal
Sadly his Scientology film wasn't very good. If you haven't seen the doc Going Clear, it's much better.
Author: Zugami
Louis is pretty much the only vérité style documentarian I enjoy. Even Herzog, who is clearly an extremely talented film maker, takes me out of the film with his presence. But Louis has an uncanny ability to be at the centre with his subject/s and not pull focus from them.
Author: Nikree
I love her interviewing style!!! It's a genuine conversation and doesn't feel scripted
Author: Nekinos
As a man, I've fallen in a form of "love at first sight" with this woman. It's strange I agree, but I just really like her.
Author: Vumi
For those who know about the world of psychopaths/sociopaths, (without being judgemental towards them, BTW) you'll know that this lady is clearly one. It's the intense, blinkless staring, the mirroring and insane focus on her subject (looking for micro clues, etc.), formulaic timing of facial expressions (the huge staged unrealistic smiles during moments of cognitive conflict), and those wide, wide eyes, which half of people out there find magnetic and sexy, and half of people out there find creepy and off-putting. (depends on the smile.)
Author: Mazudal
Rinke has such beautiful eyes! She’s so into this interview.
Author: Mazukree
Batshit Crazy Scientology 😤
Author: Kit
The Scientologists get you in under the 'guise of a course they say has nothing to do with joining them and is a stand alone self help course, on regular things, personality tests etc. Then they go to work on you, the goal posts shift and th hammer is dropped. It is pressure for a strong person, but a person going through a hard time or whom felt down on themselves coulc get sucked in.
Author: Zuluzahn
The Louis Theroux documentary is NOT as good as the greatest Scientology feature film = 'BATTLEFIELD EARTH' (with John Travolta, etc) lol! Really pathetic Journalism from Louis > turn up at Scientology places > wait till some random Joe Bloggs comes out > film it and try annoy them = GENIUS!
Author: Micage
woman"tell him to stop"
Author: Fezahn
Also im in love with her
Author: Kigakazahn
Fantastic interview and interviewer
Author: Malaran
Louis is so dam good at what he does, love the mans work
Author: Mashicage
To be fair the emails thing happens when there's a change of location on a mac.
Author: Fesho
Damn she's hot!
Author: Mamuro
That chef gets off when he tastes his food 0:25 .
Author: Nashura
I am 30. And have been watching Louis Theroux documentaries since I was a young teen. I honestly don't think there is anyone better in the journalism game than him. If you are unfamiliar with him check out netflix. A huge bulk of his work is on there.
Author: Dashura
"Are you making a documentary as well? And if so who is your one for?" Louis' sarcasm is always so deadpan, it's hilarious.
Author: Yozshukora
Compulsive viewing, just evil evil people , not Louis or beautiful journalist ...
Author: Zulkijora
I must admit, I have a weird crush on Louis Theroux...
Author: Dairisar
mark against sceintology. Scientology is a scam, but so is most
Author: Tajas
Louis cracks me up.
Author: Negar
Louis "tell him to stop"
Author: Tygozahn
11:50 - This is what happens when an unstoppable forces meets and immovable object
Author: Kigale
Are Scientologists so stupid that they don't even use a proxy when they're trying to get into his email account? Or is it that they wanted him to know "they" were watching? I suspect it was the latter.
Author: Tule
Louis is a voice of reason in an age of insanity. I just really love his calm and rational approach to difficult topics. What a top chap.
Author: Yorn
Very interesting, great conversation!
Author: Majind
truly rare
Author: Moshicage
I think louis smells irrationality by thinking.
Author: Shakacage
2:31 she's adorable and her accent is very sexy
Author: Shaktishicage
and let's see Louis for what he is, one of the same... look at his bits with Jimmy Saville, then the follow up bits for damage limitation
Author: Shakahn
Rambam - Medieval philosopher?
Author: Tutaxe
"I have no idea his name."
Author: Bataur
I think Louis was being a little generous in his description of the sea org. The sea org is a quasi-military/navy, based purely on LRH 1) forced into tax and political exile and needing to keep his org together and keep control over everyone 2) to re-live his fantasy that he was an excellent WWII naval officer (he was anything but in reality according to his service record, but he liked to perpetuated the myth he was) and create some kind of elitist military-regimented vanguard arm to his org (similar to the Nazi's SS), the uniforms bear an striking similarity to the US Navy. He even had lofty ambitions of using the sea org to establish a new scientology country in South Africa. The guy was totally crazy insane.
Author: Brasho
Author: Shakataxe
i can hear it clearly, that girl is Dutch speaking natively. please correct me if i am mistaken.
Author: Malaktilar
Her dutch accent is lovely...
Author: Yozshucage
She got the Scientology stare! "Realtor eyes, oh yeah, she got'em."
Author: Voodoosho
"What's your name, Louis??? Lou-eeee.."
Author: Mazum
Louis "you tell him to stop and i"ll tell him to stop, how bout dat"!!
Author: Nikojin
Religion is used by the elite and individuals to enslave large amounts of groups with myhts and fairytales. People who criticize are told to have faith in the current explanation of religions, without being explained the why and wherefore including hard evidence about many topics concerning religion . There are a lot of lies and untruths in religion, but this does not mean that religions also contain any nuggest of truth , they do!. For the 1st time ever the unseen truth in religion is revealed, the correct interpretation so to speak. Google truthcontest click on the earth icon and read the present with religion
Author: Nahn
That chick can take me for a smoke and a pancake anytime. Then get all freaky Dutch on me.......
Author: Samugal
How do these people not see how repulsive and deluded they've become ? The ultimate answer is belief; it gets built up over time until it imprisons us. Coupled with an organization, like this one, that so strongly reinforces group mind (in-group vs out-group dynamics), what we see in Scientology (and most, if not all religions) is what you end up with. But Scientology is not a religion but an expensive "self-help" program. "Climb the bridge to total freedom" while you become our slave after signing a 'billion year' contract! How this sleazy organization continues to get tax-free status, even on Hubbard's sci-fi books,, which they laughably label 'scripture' boggles the mind. That's part of the slippery slope religion puts us on. Is Scientology really any more nutty than Judaism, Christianity, Islam or Mormonism? Not really and yet theyre are not the same (even if Mormonism was also obviously founded based on the fraudulent claims of a different conman, Joseph Smith) they are close enough that the IRS sees no difference and that pretty much says it all. No for profit enterprise should be exempt from paying taxes. Some of these people are living in multi-million dollar homes and flying around on private jets while they pay nothing in taxes.
Author: Faukora
Here in Ireland the journalism is as appalling as the UK on this. An online publication "the journal" did a piece making out an upcoming documentary may not be shown here due to our blasphemy laws. For a start, the church of Scientology is not recognized as a religion here so blasphemy laws do not apply to it, also, blasphemy laws do not prohibit critisizm of religious organizations. The journalist who wrote that piece surely had to know he/she was lying through their teeth.
Author: Milrajas
11:00 - Really good point by Louis. Sounds like he's really thought about this for a long time and has prepared himself to avoid the ways that Scientology usually tries to discredit reporters who criticize them.
Author: Kigalkis
Damn she's hot. Theroux is boss, also.
Author: Dushicage
Louis- more documentaries soon please!!
Author: Jubei
8:30 "You don't have to go, you're not trespassing" LOL!!
Author: Bajinn
Great interview loved the parts of his documentary he is fabulous and hysterical I adore him
Author: Telmaran
The people in Scientology, even though they talk about honesty and ethics as key, seem unaware that they are lying, being deceptive and using unethical means to recruit.
Author: Kagar
Just gotta say, this lady is a fantastic interviewer!
Author: Vudokinos
Working undercover for a story, whether it's an investigative piece for a newspaper or a documentary, splits the focus to an extent, just by dint of the fact that part of the audience's attention is on the possibility of an undercover person being exposed and the consequences that may ensue.
Author: Gor
them, is sinister... while they themselves film the Scientologists from
Author: Nalkree
I love how when Louis is being interviewed, he can't stop becoming an interviewer himself.
Author: Dotilar
Author: Kagal
both inspiring persons, decent conversation :)
Author: Melabar
Also, re the courses, they say "no faith required, do the course and test it out".. but when you finish the course, the rules change and instead of going of to test it out, another course is "advised"... with double talk etc to get you to go straight onto the next one. ... but really, at this stage, for a journalist to try and take high moral ground re honesty and ethics, is laughable.. and sweeney is one of the worst and a total lightweight who just goes with whatever the popular and easy flow is... the fact he lost it withe the Scientologists shows what a mental midget and lightweight he is... well, with his other "work" .. and let's not forget the BBC's consistent lies on various "conflicts"... simple a mouth piece for Nato and the U.S. ... world banks and corporate interest groups. ..
Author: Badal
woman "stop"
Author: Dagor
all religion is cultish, requiring or demanding you to act and think in a certain way in order to gain access to the exclusive club known as heaven or in scientologies case planet zeenu. either way its all to control and manipulate the masses! usually for financial gain! THE TRUTH NEEDS NO DEFENCE!!!!!! and scientologists are ruthlessly defensive. but great job louis!! i love your documentaries!!
Author: Meztigul
11:49 Louis is the best.
Author: Zurisar
Also, that interviewer is stunning, wow!
Author: Fautilar
Louis is a great journalist, sensible , tolerant, and rational. keep going louis
Author: Daizahn
.. person of the book? ;)
Author: Yok
She is so ridiculously beautiful. Like so gorgeous
Author: Fezragore
it's funny how Sweeney has gone on to use this as some sort of black
Author: Akim
They're playing "no, I am the interviewer" :)
Author: Fenritilar
lack of self control and lack of character... in that documentary, which
Author: JoJozragore
"Catherine" is a total lunatic. Barely veiled insanity.
Author: Akinonos
Marty is back in. Quite sad.
Author: Vukus
It would be so easy for Louis to accuse them of hacking into his emails at the end... but he chooses not to. Gotta love him
Author: Zuluzshura
Sounds like Louis at some point drank the koolaid!
Author: Gardakazahn
Louis is a great journalist, sensible , tolerant, and rational. keep going Louis
Author: Vikinos
0:37 shag me eyes 👀
Author: Malahn
scientologists on the forefront of creating better realities yet they don't know how to load up a damn VPN smh...
Author: Mikagami
Are you making a documentary as well lolololol
Author: Gromi
I love you you GO everywhere.
Author: Nazilkree
cheers louie! well done mate.
Author: Vular
Out trolled masterclass X
Author: Samulkree
the Sweeney and co are filming them through a window, the Scientologists
Author: Shaktilabar
I think im in love with the Camerawoman.
Author: Kajinn
Louis has the truth on his side. Powerful .
Author: Akinojin
8:40 'Can we talk to you?'
Author: Tojasida
Louis's a Jedi! He oozes the spirit of Love, Forgiveness and Truth!
Author: Arasar
05:18 Louis: How could you be audited by an 11 year old auditor. How do they think that [is legit]? Answer: Scientologists believe we are transmigrating souls (leave one body at death, seek out and inhabit baby's bodies for the next lifetime) and so ALL of us are immortal, and we are, only through past-lives Scientology quackery counseling called auditing, rediscovering our mental hangups. So, even 11 year old auditors (the Scientology quack counselors) have all lived as many past lives and done ALL of the things that humans do today in all persons' lives today. Nothing is "new" to any of us. We're all immortal souls, just coming up to realizing this, through the past life counseling. Today, you have to go through the "lower grades" to get to the past-life New Era Dianetics quack counseling though. Hubbard, cult founder, changed the sequence of the quack auditing counseling in the late 1970s so that the past-lives quack counseling comes midway in the whole stepladder lineup. But, any new Scientologists has access to Hubbard's very open writings and anyone who is in Scientology for even a brief couple months ought even today find out this past lives and future lives mindset of Scientologists, which is even an 11 year old would be thinking that anything that a today audit would reveal in their quack auditing counseling, anything an adult would divulge is some transgression that has been done by ALL of us, sometime, in our past lives somewhere. This mindset for sure makes for this eons widespread "tolerance" of anything a human adult might divulge, to the Scientology quack counselor, no matter what the age of that counselor. So, if the young counselor is educated enough in the Hubbard mult lives mindset of counselor tolerance, then they could possibly carry on successfully as a counselor in the Hubbard quackery.
Author: Brale
lmfao.. the only time i have seen Louie act immature
Author: Tuzuru
I like Louis but I'm skeptical that they got any interesting content for the movie.
Author: Arashikinos
Two minds whether I want to see his movie or not. Really enjoy his work, and loved his thoughts here, but I know the Scientology droogs are going to be hard to watch.
Author: Gur
Amazing discussion.
Author: Mukree
Wouldn't it be against the law to keep information on people if they aren't willing to share it with the person it's about
Author: Nikotaxe
Love how this interview was a back and forth between Louis and Rinke
Author: Arashisho
They are looking to set up and "ideal org" i.e. a church like they have in the UK and other places that meets a critical mass. They are looking to recruit 250 volunteers. My advice on these is, stay away. The journalism we see on them is ridiculous and typical sexed up for ratings editorializing, but the facts, are, they use con artist tactics and emotional blackmail to suck you in... also, getting your "overts" which are sins, wrongs you have done, stuff you would likely be ashamed of, from you in writing, which they hold. Even if they never threaten to release these, psychologically, if they have yours, this will give them some sort of hold over you... also, these "overts" are used for future auditing, so have no place on a course that is sold as a stand alone self help course.
Author: Nar
This reporter is very pretty in a "girl next door" kind of way.
Author: Kajikinos
it's about 100% that the scientologists were trying to get into his email doesn't know about Clearwater being the headquarters of Scientology
Author: Male
Poor Catherine. She looked really deflated getting into her car. If there's one thing worse than being a bully it is being a failed, ineffective bully.
Author: Bracage
You are not being paranoid Louis, and have many friends around you.
Author: Mezikree
When he walks in to a room, something happens and people starts to listening !! And where can you buy that calm ?? Amazing , legendary docu-maker….. Unique !!! Thanks for the effort mate ! Cheers….
Author: Zulushicage
That whole exchange between "Catherine" and Louis was batshit crazy! First tried to intimidate and bully him into leaving, then when it became all too obvious that it wasn't working, she had a hissy fit and left. The part about the filming was right out of 2nd grade recess LOL!!!
Author: Samuk
Louis "well your filming us"!!
Author: Aragal
this interview got flipped on its head..
Author: Vozragore
When Louis says "You don't have to go, you're not trespassing" to the Scientology woman. Beautiful.
Author: Faezshura
interviewer sexy...think I have issues
Author: Daira
i love louie : ) his documentaries are my favorite
Author: Gukus
This is great, I can't tell who's interviewing who. Its an interesting conversation either way.
Author: Takree
I love when people try to interview Louis. He always ends up asking more interesting questions to the interviewer.
Author: Vuk
Every woman who meets louis wants to marry him
Author: Nejar
She seems very convinced of herself
Author: Nikodal
my boy Louis ! he's the best !
Author: Nazshura
louis too real for this lady...
Author: Faejinn
the man behind scientology is micheal altman !!
Author: Moramar
showing the real sinister nature of Scientology. There is a bit, where
Author: Mazuzilkree
Scientology is neo-con in it's most pure style.
Author: Shakagul
I love the way this video was put together
Author: Shakarg
His curiosity in people, more than anything else fascinates me. He is always trying to find out the ''why'' in everyone, and is always sincere about it. He really wants to get into the minds of others and see how they think. I do this too, which is probably why I have such a liking for his journalism. Thanks dad for forcing me to watch Louis Theroux Documentaries as a kid. ''But dad this goof is boring. He looks like a Clarke Kent knock-off''. My actual words when told, I should watch him. And little did I know......that Louis Theroux would later become like a real-life superman to me. :)
Author: Nat
Author: Akinor
Who doesn't love Louis Theroux! Such an honest and open journalist. This was so interesting!
Author: Shakajind
I feel like I am falling in love with this girl after like 10 seconds
Author: Shakasar
The worst interviews are ones where journalists are interviewing/circlejerking with other journalists.
Author: Yozil
"Are you making a documentary as well"? 11:50 . This is hilarious.
Author: Shaktinris
I love Loius style i wish i could be as calm as that underfire ..i would have screamed and punched by now lol..but they are trained to resist such things and therefore pointless excersise. Throughout his career i have admired his ability to do this and it was nice to hear him explain his reasoning. Great interviewing style and a very beautiful and good fun looking young lady too! Thanks for the video
Author: Zulkisho
8:10 "Catherine what are you angry about" Just like a married couple
Author: Aralar
journalism, and this plank sweeney losing it, only reflects on him, his
Author: Shakataur
Louis is a great journalist, sensible , tolerant, and rational. keep going louis
Author: Kazibei
She hot as hell.
Author: Tushura
Louis is the cousin of American actor and screenplay writer Justin Theroux.
Author: Faugrel
I’m a fan of Louis’s documentaries, but I found this one disappointing. The whole “using actors to tell the story” idea just seemed contrived and rather weak. The confrontation clip shown here was the most interesting part of the film - Louis’s calm persistence showed up the woman’s manufactured outrage and her transparent attempts to escalate the situation for the absurd nonsense that it was.
Author: Dijar
Love the Dutch accent :)
Author: Maujora
Great interview
Author: Tesho
What does she say at 11:58 about him "...knowing he's finished?"?
Author: Negami
I guess we'll never know and the mystery continues.
Author: Meshicage
She's 100% Dutch NO DOUBT
Author: Kim
Great work Louie
Author: Daramar
Louis just kills with niceness. However the other side tries to create us vs them Louis refuses to do it. It takes alot of emotional effort to continually hate a nice person.
Author: Faushura
4 mins in and he's already started interviewing her instead
Author: JoJokus
I'd eat the box out of that girl
Author: Voodootaur
Louis' documentary isn't the best he's done. Going Clear and John Sweeney's stuff are really good though. #cult 🇬🇧
Author: Tushicage
The material on Scientology seems to either be their own promotional materiel, which is clearly going to be biased, or ridiculous bit pieces by people like Sweeney.
Author: Brajar
Lmfao! That interaction on the side of the road, Louie you cheeky bastard.
Author: Vitaxe
Catherine sounds positively UNHINGED. What a miserable life she must have. So sad!
Author: Milmaran
I like how Louis' camera guy looks weirder than the scientology one.
Author: Nelkree
Louis Theroux is A ok to me.
Author: Moogurisar
All credit to the female interviewer but I'd like to say Louis Theroux is one of my journalistic heroes. That time he refused to shoot the lion to make better TV gave himloads fo credit in my book but he's put himself in some dodgy situations but above all he's carrying on my hero Hunter S Thompson's Gonzo Journalism to another level, another medium with trying to BE HST which so many "gonzo journalists" do.
Author: Yozshurn
Take notes kids, this is how you do not start an interview. When Louis asks her questions you see the skill in which a professional can get an honest response.
Author: Akile
that video standoff at the end was great haha
Author: Mirr
It's actually awesome to listen to two journalists have a discussion.
Author: Mazugis
I have no idea his name. Great stuff
Author: Gagul
Louis is so cleaver. I love how he reverses his role with the interviewer. You can see how advanced he is as a journalist.
Author: Vudozshura
'You did also' is such a good example of Dutch English :D
Author: Goltitaxe
Louis Theroux - The real modern day Columbo
Author: Nikojinn
wish there were more interviews like this
Author: Zologul
Really looking forward to this. Oddly curious about the Scientology made documentary on him too.
Author: Kajill
is so obviously a hit piece it is actually counter productive to
Author: Juktilar
The interviewer is very attractive
Author: Mozil
love how louis flips the interview :D
Author: Tuzahn
Rambam like the Rabbi?
Author: Nikojinn
Did they out you as a.....
Author: Akishura
I'm a fan of Louis but this movie was absolutely pointless, nothing new covered and the recreation of a TV interview made no sense.
Author: Arashijin
Scientology: the 'religion' founded by a science fiction writer who was a known compulsive liar, and made lots of money out of it.
Author: Zulur
Wnen is Louis' Scientology movie going to be broadcast??
Author: Zulabar
Ultimately Louis out smarts these type of people in conversations. He's got a fantastic ability to make people reveal themselves. Love his work.
Author: Tezil
The interviewer has such character!
Author: Targ
13 Scientologist disliked this video
Author: Jugore
Louis, you look like Mr. Snowden 😀
Author: Tausho
I wish more investigative reporters were like Louis. He's good at what he does, getting right in there & finding out the truth; so far as he can; about so many interesting subjects.
Author: Grole
Anyone here in 2019. Love Louis Therouxs documentaries.
Author: Najin
7:55 tell him to stop and I’ll tell him to stop how bout dat
Author: Kaziktilar
im in love with Rinke Verkerk. I love her, I will love her forever
Author: Tujind
I love that he is fearless in his job. The places he goes to, and the types of characters he meets would scare the daylights out of most people. And the fact he is always genuine when speaking with people. Louis doesn't lie to them, or do the undercover stuff like the woman in this video does. Though, like he says, undercover journalism is important and has helped to expose things to the world many, many times. I guess I am just glad that Louis doesn't go down that route.
Author: Kagat
He is a wonderful,honest man.Love his reporting.
Author: Taugul
That girl has a really nice charisma. Who is she?
Author: Zujora
Talking about that David Mis Savage they are coming for you Tick Tock Tick Tock
Author: Mugis
German 3DPD girl is cute
Author: Tamuro
Always been a big fan of Louis... his programmes are very well put together and informative at the same time... he's so damn calm as well!!!!
Author: Tojalar
I'm just trying to imagine how their documentary about Louis turned out 😂😂😂😂.


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