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Author: Kazirisar
Creasing at the naked Doug part 😂
Author: Misida
Just found your channel and I am 17 weeks pregnant so am binge watching ALL your videos and loving them all.
Author: Nikot
Haha naked Doug realizing that the camera was probably on!
Author: Faezahn
Probably laughed more than I should've at Doug side stepping naked into shot! Haha!
Author: Nikotaur
lol, naked doug. love the baby's room <3
Author: Yojinn
Take it easy now, & wishing you & Doug all the love, light & luck for a smooth, safe & happy labour & delivery ❤️ xx
Author: Tejar
Your girl is going to be the best dressed little girl ever!! Xx
Author: Akinole
I'm subscribed to loads of vloggers bug your definitely my favourite and what is baby girls name!!! love you Rhia!!
Author: Nara
Do you think you could do weekly flogs? I've really missed you 😭❤️
Author: Goltigar
It make me wanna be friends with you so badd!!!
Author: Mule
where did you get your drawer separator from?! 😍
Author: Kigajas
I honestly thought when the video started that's you'd already styled your hair! Your natural waves suit this length a lot. It reminds me of the blonde woman in Bridesmaids. Can't remember her name. Thinking of you a lot this week in the heat, so close to your due date. Fingers crossed for you and Doug. Lots of love x
Author: Mezira
You look lovely with your natural hair! Maybe you could keep it like that more often?
Author: Vishura
That naked Doug moment is my boyfriend everytime omg :') and is it just me or is Doug brushing his teeth in every vlog he's in? ahaha dental care "on fleek"
Author: Mezizuru
May I just say that I love , love , LOVE her blogs. I simply love how she doesn't ask for likes or subscribers ( like other youtubers ) . I love how real and quirky Rhiannon is. She deserves every subscriber and view that she gets, and more❤️.
Author: Kagajinn
Your hair without styling it looks very pretty though. (:
Author: Gardam
Congratulations On Baby Delilah👪💕🎉
Author: Kishicage
Wishing you and Doug lots of luck and love for your upcoming due date! Hope baby comes soon! Cannot wait to see her 💕
Author: Daisida
I just loveeeeeeeeeee how independent you are!!!
Author: Arashikinos
I love how real she is, and how she doesn't fake a perfect life.
Author: Vojinn
I know you mentioned you've packed your hospital bag, but when you were folding those clothes it reminded me of a tip on some hospital bag videos - you've likely seen them, but putting a vest / onesie & nappy all into a ziplock bag so it's easier to grab / find has been helpful to lots of mums & dads to be. You can also re-use zip-lock bags for any wet clothing. Eek. So exciting!
Author: Aramuro
Like, you have no problems getting things done!!!
Author: Kegul
Love those drawer separators / organisers. Tempted to buy some for myself! Ooosh you were playing some Spice Girls tunes. I've just been watching some Spice Girls documentaries on youtube from years ago I never got to watch on my sky / cable free TV - the years growing up with just 4 channels & a VHS player!
Author: Mezil
Eeeeeek, the teeny tiny clothes are too cute! So beyond excited for baby to get here, hope you, bump and Doug are doing well :)
Author: Ninos
when doug walked by naked I laughed so hard omg


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