Pacing a 16 Minute 5K | Time Trial & Intervals

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Author: Dut
Just ran a 16:47 on the track today, woot!
Author: Vugul
i just ran a 5k in 25.00. i'm 26/M/175lbs (79kg). Im in the U.S. Navy and running is apart of our testing. i used to run cross country in high school, i've always been good at long distance running. i'd like to think i did pretty well.
Author: Tauzshura
What weekly mileage do I need to do to hit that pace?
Author: Vurn
I'm aiming to go SUB 19
Author: Kazrataxe
Would more tempo runs would help me b come faster ?
Author: Dur
You're a beast Harry, keep up the good work and good luck tomorrow
Author: Voodooll
Harry 16:04 is crazy that's really good pace, congrats for all your running. My PB on the 5k is 18:15 and I worked so hard to go in under 19, now that I've done it I want to get faster, it seems we runners always have a new goal so to never stop running.
Author: Tahn
good work lads!
Author: Maujind
What is your current 5k PB?
Author: Jur
Whats the song on this one?
Author: Fauzuru
Respect! I dream of a 16min 5k!
Author: Vudokora
What times do you reckon I should be hitting on reps for a sub 17 5k? e.g 1000m x 6
Author: Mikaran
I ran a 16:12 3 weeks ago and have been training really hard. This week is a flat course so I'm hoping to break 16
Author: Nikogrel
Good luck,and "happy running!"
Author: Guk
Great run!
Author: Meztigar
That's a crazy time! I'm still trying to crack a sub 30!
Author: Samujas
Great effort guys :)
Author: Tojataur
16:25 is a good effort. I'm in about the same boat. Wish I could have run with you guys.
Author: Gardasida
Author: Faurr
Before the Xc season!
Author: Faera
Thanks for all the content you put out there, it's fascinating to see how you operate. There is always something I can take away from your videos. Good luck with the races!
Author: Akigor
To be honest my best time is 20:11 .
Author: Zulukora
Nice man , i ran at 19:18 on a parkrun yesterday and i was wearing trail shoes they probably slowed me down. I could gotten it below 19 minutes. 2 months ago i could only run a 22-23 minute 5k !
Author: Kajihn
I achieved a PB on Saturday at Worthing park run: 19:17
Author: Goshura
How did you do in your marathon?


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