Gohan SSJ4 vs Beerus

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Author: Shaktisho
Todo mundo sabe que o gohan nunca lutou contra o bills
Author: Faek
its fake but nice. drawings
Author: Tuktilar
wait this looks like the dragon ball z super saiyan 4 ascension you just took from gohan transforming ssj4 against broly ssj4 gohan from that
Author: Gardatilar
It's fake but it's still good. You did good job. 🙂👌
Author: Dir
Good job bro 👍🏻😉
Author: Gogore
More like mystic super saiyan 4 Gohan...wouldn't that be cool! :P
Author: Zulkikus
Author: Makasa
What's the song called?
Author: Shakakazahn
My god....
Author: Voodoodal
Beers would just haka him
Author: Arashira
Ale epicki to połączenie momentów Gohana SSJ4 film idzie do Favorite video.
Author: Meztijar
i wasn't expecting this... skillet!?😨
Author: Kajind
Author: Gucage
Author: Fautaur
Fake gohan cannot be a super saiyan 4 ssj2 is his max
Author: Dimuro
I See goku 1:02
Author: Tusho
0:34 anyone else see Goku?
Author: Digis
gohan is a half saiyn so this is fake
Author: Kazrarg
0:34 goku!!!!!
Author: Kazrazragore
gohan the strongest


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