Delicious Smothered Liver And Onions Recipe: How to Make Liver Onions & Gravy

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Author: Tygozahn
Jay are you still thinking about doing a cookbook?I hope so because you have great recipes.
Author: Zulkisho
looks good my brother, piece of advice, go to smart and final and buy a chef or Santoku knife!!!!
Author: Gajinn
My grandmother use to make this anytime when I was a kid growing up. She always served it with rice and we tore it up....If she was still living today, that would be one of her favorite dishes...keep up the good work always have my support......God Bless............
Author: Yogis
I am speachless you are the best thank you.
Author: Brarn
so few young ppl eat liver. I think it's awesome. nice vid
Author: Voodooktilar
Author: Mok
Tried this recipe tonight and OMG! It was my first time making liver and I nailed it. Didn't have any beef broth but substituted with Lipton Beefy Onion Soup Mix and water. Turned out perfect. Thank you! 😊
Author: Tojakree
OMGeeesh, just made it by your recipe and yes you did it again. I thought your Oxtail recipe was, but this Liver and Onions got me over here growling at my plate. Thanks!!!
Author: Guktilar
Dat was incredible. Five Stars for you. Ive tried everything and this looks correct. Thank you.
Author: Voll
lmfao those noises at the end.
Author: Dukinos
I think we didn't like liver as kids, because people didn't make em right.
Author: Nezilkree
😂😂😂the sounds when eats...I'm definitely trying this. Maybe the sounds come with the recipe😂😂💀💀
Author: Maumuro
i had to leave the page. It was bad enough watchin' the onions, n' liver, n'broth, n'such, simmering' in the pan n' gravyfyin', but that wasn't good enough fer YOU, was it? Sweet Howdy Jesus, NO. You hadda' PRESENT! You slapped that there gallop of rice on th' plate, jus'as if you WEREN'T being mean. Then you went to makin' "Yummmy noises. Not once, but EVERY damned time that fork disappeared. Now, I've got'ta go buy sum liver.
Author: Akisida
My low iron having ass will be making this a lot this winter 😂
Author: Tazshura
lol at the sound effects while he's eating...
Author: Akinonos
Yes Lawd!  I haven't had liver and onions in such a long time.  I'm adding the ingredients to my shopping list.  I'll be making this really soon.  Thanks Phillyboy!!!
Author: Voodoorn
I love liver and onions!  Can I have mine with mashed tators??  Thanks for all of your hard work...
Author: Fenrizragore
great job, as always! Thank u for teaching so many great recipes. I use alot of them. keep it up.
Author: Nit
Author: Dihn
Luv it with grits!😍😍Country Girl


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