Art Supplies for one stroke painting | VOICE OVER | Beginners Guide

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Author: Dumi
Very informative. Thank you. Can you please tell how to clean the brushes after painting.
Author: Tojinn
Royal & Langnickel (6)
Author: Moogumi
Zhu Ting (0)
Author: Meztira
Camlin (000)
Author: Maurg
Deserre (1/2)
Author: Toll
Plaid (3/4, 3/8, 5/8, ¼, ½)
Author: Mezit
Thanks for sharing tutorial video.... I have no one stroke painting material.... I will try one stroke painting
Author: Jull
Deserres (10)
Author: Julmaran
Flat burshed brands
Author: Vilkis
Grazie di cuore. ... Sei un tesoro! !!!❤❤😃
Author: Samumi
Did I miss out any brush? Good information, thank you :)
Author: Brazahn
Angle Brush
Author: Vut
Very informative video...just wanna know how much canvas paper buk does cost? Am in wen i ask for canvas sheet they saying like 600rs its like the chart a beginner in painting it would be helpful ...kindly reply me
Author: Gutilar
Filbert brush
Author: Meztitaur
Thank You so much for taking the time to show everything! ❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹
Author: Kejas
Thank you renjitha 😊💕💕
Author: Voodoogar
Water colour tubes are best for one stock painting
Author: Shazragore
Liner Brush
Author: Salrajas
m ur biggest fan mam:)
Author: Faumi
plz can u give me link of these brushes on amazon...
Author: Yozshukree
Great info...thank you...🤗
Author: Dugis
Winsor & Newton (1/2)
Author: Darr
Royal & Langlickel 16 mm (5/8) OR 2 kokuyo camlin speciality brush deer foot
Author: Kazirn
Protege (3/4)
Author: Kazrami
Royal & Langlickel (1)
Author: Duramar
camlin Brush liner (2)
Author: Yozshutilar
Yes the information you gave us all about your brushes and paper etc.. was very valuable to me. I need new brushes I think!
Author: Taurr
Royal & Langnickel (8)
Author: Duzuru
Round brush
Author: Dalar
Camlin (10)
Author: Dumi
Moderna (4)
Author: Mibei
Monte Marte (10,12)
Author: Gogis
Thank you so much for the information
Author: Zulkis
☺ creo que en mi ciudad no hay de esos
Author: Braktilar
i m trying one stroke painting but couldnt do it.. :(
Author: Vudoshicage
Thnx a lot dear😊.its very helpfull✌👍
Author: Mejas
Bien la información de los materiales, un abrazo cariñoso 👍👍👍💕
Author: Tamuro
Thank you for sharing your knowledge. It is MUCH appreciated! You make it look soooo easy! I will have to keep practicing I think!
Author: Kajisho
Raphael (4)
Author: Kagat
¡¡ No conocía tanto pincel son muy bonitos! !!
Author: Nijinn
Thank you so so so much for sharing such a precious information
Author: Grorr
Deserres (10)
Author: Araran
Monte marte (18)
Author: Torg
Author: Mezimuro
Camlin (16)
Author: Nikinos
synthetic & soft brushes


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