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Author: Yolar
7: 15: somewhere between JIMMY SWAGGART and Father GUIDO SARDUCCI.
Author: Nikosho
Thanks Kimberly Clark for directing me here.
Author: Darr
Thank you SO much Rev.Billy. You are truly a blessing.
Author: Nirn
There is no real gift any organization can sell....
Author: Shakashura
I'm changing religions!  Changeallujah!
Author: Dagar
use to be you had to be rich to have a credit card.....
Author: Tem
inspiring. don't give up. 
Author: Kazisho
what a nice man! Love the parking lot baptism.
Author: Vit
WWJB? Wood probably, seeing as he was a carpenter..
Author: Dokazahn
Stop Shopping!
Author: Mezikus
I love this guy. I could careless if he is or isn't an actual reverend. His message speaks out to all... the religious or not... on the warnings of commercialism & materialism. He doesn't speak against buying goods but being responsible & thoughtful about it. To think clearly when buying. This shouldn't just be on goods such as clothing, electronics & other items but with foods too. To try buying locally to support local economy & that minimize harm towards all in & around the planet. Peace be.
Author: Zulkijin
This is so wonderful and in parts it made me cry...hilariously on point~!
Author: Grosida
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Author: Dojin
This video has so much impact, I watch it every Christmas with my daughter.
Author: Goltira
this film saved me from needlessly upgrading my PC! Also, I am encouraged to have a chat with my family about spending much less this Xmas. We're all in debt, no use digging the whole deeper for the sake of "tradition."
Author: Zulkirr
Great Work. Hopefully it will help some from a lot of pain and suffering from putting themselves in debt. Though so many are so insecure and brainwashed from all the propaganda. A bloody Shame really. So big ole kudos to you for stepping up and Getting attention to this reckless and obsessive massive consumption issue. Hallelujah!
Author: Yozshugor
20:42 had me howling with laughter
Author: Vimi
Thanks for response. Not a Christian myself but I respect your point of view of helping our brothers and sisters out.
Author: Akirn
I think "reverend" Billy is pretty brave.... but I wish he would be more obvious about the fact that it is a activist comedy show rather than a wacko church, which is what a lot of people probably think if the just see him on the street.
Author: Marisar
I think this movie should be watched and seen by EVERYONE. Seriously the holiday season these days has absolutely NOTHING to do with the birth of our Saviour anymore....it's the birth of a new Saviour...the LORD of Credit Cards, MONEY and greed. Black Friday is the most disgusting day I ever seen. People shoving, threatening and killing other lives over a ELMO DOLL. Today your adverage child gets a mountain/toy store of gifts under their tree. It's truly sick. That's not the true MEANING of XMAS
Author: Shaktirg
Amazing amazing movie. This really opened my eyes:)
Author: Yotilar
Make sure you click on any ads (But don't shop!) so Rev. Billy can get some money. 
Author: Nizilkree
This is fantastic!
Author: Vinos
good plan, I personally avoid black Friday shopping altogether.
Author: Tygojora
Rev Billy has nothing to do with any other organized religion. He's simply a parody of modern day religious leaders carrying his message against consumerism and capitalism. The only way I can describe Rev Billy...Awesome.
Author: Meztigrel
THANK YOU, BILLY AND THE COIR OF THE CHURCH OF STOP SHOPPING!!! You are herions and heros, luminaries and (r)evolutionaries!!! All of us who dream of a brighter future for the earth and for humanity to continue being able to inhabit it, are with you~
Author: Fauzil
don't ever give up, and come to the UK before we get in the same state as the US. Those poor people who thought they were showing love by consuming. How sad:(
Author: Gardagore
@Billy Talen If you had Jesus invited over to your place to spend #christmas  with you & your #family   & #friends  it could get awkward after all it is his birthday too & what do you get someone you know definitely has everything? #jokeoftheday  
Author: Shakanris
OK, just wanted to let you know that I finished the English captions and the Bulgarian translation of the movie. I really hope you do make a difference Reverend :)
Author: Fenricage
This guy is such a joke it's sad.
Author: Malarisar
Jewsus wants your sheckels!
Author: Bazahn
22:25 Lola's a flipping dog!? people are nuts
Author: Malakus
What would jesus buy? Probably he would buy hookers and blow. I know I would.
Author: Akinris
I've watched this movie to write an essay for a lecture of Cultural Anthropology of Modern Society, and enjoyed more than I expected. I feel I became a fan of Reverend Billy and his church. I decided I'll never buy things when there is no need to do so.
Author: Dogul
The only thing people are buying is the Jesus myth and I've heard it's a hell of a market!
Author: Jugor
First time I have ever agreed with anything said by an Evangelical preacher. Keep spreading the "good news" :)
Author: Akisar
Dear Reverend Billy, he truly is the voice crying aloud in the wilderness.
Author: Zurisar
26:45 Jesus be fuckin' up, he needs to build himself a PC. and fuck yes for old lady at 27 minutes.
Author: Miramar
This film is a Godsend.
Author: Yozshukora
I am an absolute atheist, but I couldn't agree with the message of this video more. Thank you for the important message. Walmart and Disney can pucker up and kiss my lilly white ass!
Author: Arashura
Really not helping the cause... He sounds crazed.
Author: Daishura
LOVE the color of the robes they wore going into Starbucks.  Keep up your good work! 
Author: Netaxe
Just amazing! So important !
Author: Vorg
I love this film! You and your crew are such an inspiration! I watched this again last night and have decided that it will be a Christmas tradition to watch it every year, just like The Grinch!
Author: Maukinos
So Disneyland DOES have a company pokey.
Author: Moogulkis
Thank you!  You are not alone.  Many people feel as you do.  You DO make an impact.  Thank you for doing all you do to help people to wake up.  Don't be discouraged! We support you!!!!
Author: Zulugore
I love this so much. Completely brilliant!!
Author: Grotilar
2:50 LMAO
Author: Faulkis
So am I calling Reverend Billy a "prophet"? Sure. Why not? Just because he adopts the over the top antics of a TV preacher in a satirical manner doesn't mean that he's not speaking truth. A truth that few people want to hear.
Author: Mebar
what you get gifts at christmas, wow my parents never let our family in on this secret lol
Author: Mojind
at around 3 minutes,---
Author: Goltishura
these people are so awesome.  These are what real, genuine people look like folks.  
Author: Kara
I stayed away from all shopping today...my shopping crazy days are over!
Author: Akigami
One of the best films of the 21st century thus far! So important, any time of year!
Author: Vukora
But that freaky blonde preacher?
Author: Yolabar
I can't recall too many times that the prophets of old and their messages were wholeheartedly embraced. They're supposed to make you uncomfortable seeing as how their message is always one that hits close to home and the heart. It's a heart examination and conviction. And those don't usually go over well. Especially when one has completely bought into the culture at large around you.
Author: Toshicage
Author: Daisida
so it's okay when a lady says she loves her ring more than her husband, but when a man says he loves his truck or classic car more than he loves his wife, it's a big no-no! it's trouble waiting to happen. Why do women get away with this? 
Author: Tezilkree
This guy may not be a real preacher but he is a American savior. How lost we are in our lust for stuff. It has brought our society down.
Author: Fetilar
I know children are priceless but so often our gifts to them come with a hefty price tag. Good film to remind me that the best things in life are not things, and I should read The Grinch again.
Author: Nikomuro
My favorite holiday movie. "You don't have to buy a gift to give a gift."
Author: Gozuru
The price Jesus paid was His life, His blood to bring us to Him.
Author: Zugar
"What a nice man."
Author: Fenrira
love this movie
Author: Akilabar
Lola the dog at 22:27 pretty much sums up terrible shopping habits. Because you know, Lola really "needs" a Louis Vuitton bag -__-
Author: Zubar
Author: Muran
Any way to get rid of that damned Macy's ad that plays before the movie?
Author: Feshura
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Author: Tygobei
Sharing the hell out of this.
Author: Grozragore
Author: Shakasho
A lexus SUV and gold chains?
Author: Zur
I think Bill Talen aka "Rev Billy" is actually an agnostic, his parents were Dutch Calvinists but he has stated in interviews that he rejected the faith as a teenager. He made up the character as a combination of both the style of Elvis and Southern US televangelists when he was doing alternative theater gigs in San Francisco. He is a very good actor and like all good comedians his material is elaborate and truthful at the same time.
Author: Majin
48:18 I know where that Albertson's in Albuquerque is, by which two streets? I'll let you Albuquerque residents message me the answer.
Author: Gur
good one
Author: Zulugis
amen! I avoided black Friday. I think this shopping frenzy is stupid! if only more people would avoid the plastic, hey doofuses here's an idea, if you're gonna buy something for Christmas, pay with cash! you're less likely to overspend that way. duh!
Author: Mukinos
You are a very wise man, thanks for the upload!
Author: Teran
500% would actually be closer to what most people think is fair. In America the actual number over all is  around 30,000% above average worker pay, in the 70's the number was closer to 2,900%.
Author: Nektilar
Ah yes fighting terrorism!
Author: Mikashicage
He is richest who is content with the least. Let's not destroy our finances to fill our closets full of unneeded junk this year.
Author: Fenrishakar
Mind control.
Author: Yotaur
Meditate on the Sacred Wounds of Third World Workers (beatings, burning, child labor, 90 hour workweeks and the martydom of Union Organizers )
Author: Kazil
There's an ad before this, wtf...
Author: Shakarisar
Answer: Nothing. There is no god.
Author: Tohn
 So... what would Jesus think ? 
Author: Tutilar
I am planning to show this beginning on November 27 and every Wednesday up to Christmas.
Author: Goltihn
21:08 "I'm a pretty smart girl" yeah alright kiddo
Author: Mukasa
as it so stands why woul jesus buy anything if he created the universe clules
Author: Gut
The things we "own"........own us.
Author: Shajas
I think the guy in the description means Apocalyptic Problems. Great Movie though.
Author: Dakora
Jesus would buy a Xbox 360 and play Call of Duty 2: Black Ops...right?  Or is he a Zelda fan?
Author: Dora
Veblen, over a century ago, came up with the concept of conspicous waste the gaining of status through waste. The President flies around in a 747 to meetings which produce nothing and the head of the Russian church wears a watch which costs as much as a house when his cell phone functions as a clock. There is a woman who owns several expensive homes but lives in a hospital for $400k a year. Good news! The Pope has moved out into a cheaper place.
Author: Voodooshakar
Jesus wouldn't have to buy anything, kings would walk everywhere to give him things.
Author: Brale
Love how Disneyland tried to arrest him for free speech.
Author: Gazil
The first song is awesome.
Author: Tujas
CHange-a-Luia! lol
Author: Shakarg
I agree with everything here, except the derision of Disneyland. Evangelical Christians should warm up to Disneyland. Walt was a good man.
Author: Samum
What I like the best, and what disturbs me the most are all the security and FBI called upon ... to stop a comedy activist group from singing and spreading message of frugality and true meaning of gift-giving in our current materialistic consumerism.
Author: Kajiktilar
Author: Kijas
Author: Nizragore
This was VERY profound.
Author: Balmaran
MMA Most Wanted - "What would Jesus Buy" is a great movie! Amazing! This is what our country desparately needs at this time, a wake up call! Amongst all this crazyness, Rev. Billy had some great logic! Buy American before our country is made overseas! Stop shopping at the big blue box and come home.... Saving money at the regist results in low wages, lack of respect and abuse by employeers on harworking employees!
Author: Dukazahn
Incredible prophet over profit! Beauty. <3 All love to you all for making this journey for the rest of us. You give me hope for the future.
Author: Dilkis
Roxanne elizabeth, Roxanne Elizabeth... Bless the Child!...
Author: Vudoramar
I love how the first lie many parents tell their children is the lie about Christmas...
Author: Mugul
I'm watching the whole thing in the hopes of getting your numbers up and promoting this. This is exactly the kind of movie people need to be watching, keep them coming!
Author: Dakora
Better be careful with that statement Billy Talen.  Don't want to speak on behalf of our Heavenly Messenger without asking his blessing.  I would say Jesus would go with me to eat krispy kreme doughnuts on opening day of the restaurant and then ask me what I wish to be declared clean in society that is not currently declared clean at the moment and then tell me a cleaner way of balancing out the chemical embalances in society without creating a problem with worldly authorities.
Author: Meshicage
Funny that there is a Black Friday add before this.
Author: Meztisida
Great initiative, but there is nothing wrong with shopping if you buy the right thing, like trees from Better Globe. These trees are planted in East-Africa's drylands to maximize the environmental and social impact. Not only do they help poor communities and the environment, they even give a profit to those who buy, or receive them as a gift. Keep shopping, but shop sustainable!
Author: Kazrazuru
Happy Buy NOTHING Day! - hope you're all out at a Walmart, buying nothing and standing and singing and spreading the GOOD NEWS - in support of striking workers today!
Author: Murr
Here from Kimberly Clark. WOW! and AMEN Reverend.
Author: Gom
Thank you for all you do to help us Americans live within our means!
Author: Kicage
I try to post this every year before Christmas. The people in my family still don't get why I don't buy cards for the birthdays. Why I don't want to buy ANOTHER toy for nephew and niece. Why I don't ask for much for myself. Hopefully one day they will actually sit down and watch this too. Thanks for what you do Rev Billy!
Author: Akinor
@Richard Raspberry @stateofdaniel @AWResistance @TheAntManChannel @Jackie Price @Philosophical Vlogs @TheCaptainSlappy @MisterThomasPAINE2 @BeranM @Rocking MrE @EkonRekon @donze52  Thought you guys would enjoy:)@psychodrilla @PsycheTruth 
Author: Baramar
If Jesus was a carpenter he could just make all his own gifts instead of buying them. Or if he was a fisherman he could go fishing for everybody.
Author: Dojinn
ABout the only thing i'm watching for the ha!lidays. May God Bless the Reverend Billy and his Choir. And i do mean that as a question.
Author: Shaktikora
I have watched this every Christmas since it came out. I still tell people about it every Christmas. I still love this message. Thanks, to all the people who made this movie because... it needed to be made. I love ya'all. God Bless you.
Author: Tazragore
Author: Mezirg
I came from Kimberly Clark's channel as well. It really does put things in perspective.
Author: Fezilkree
Perhaps it's not entirely unexpected in America, and Rev Billy is of course a product of his environment, but far too many folks go on Sundays to be "entertained" for a couple of hours .. the only difference seems to be instead of magic tricks it's "God".. Perhaps a leftover from the old Barnum and Bailey "religious circus" tent revivals format . And if they can slip a little "Goddin' ", and maybe a few "Lawd Jesus Ah-mighty"  hollers, so much the better...
Author: Vira
This is gross... The people screaming as they run into the stores... It makes me think of screeching animals... Apes or something...
Author: Nikogor
This Billy guy is probably banned from more places than I am, I wish he would stop consuming so much of that hairspray, it's destroying the ozone layer. As good as his hair looks and it does look good, it's not worth the price of earth's protective shield.
Author: Shabei
Thank you Kimberly Clark!! I see quite a few people here, myself included from your suggestion. You are doing good work!!!
Author: Yozshujind
Author: Kazigore
Thank you, I had been a strong advocate of not supporting slave labor in other countries...but alas, I had fallen back into complacency. I am rededicating myself to the cause and to getting away from consumerism as much as possible. Thank you.
Author: Mikanos
it's is a good message, especially for this generation. Jesus said money was the root of evil. It's to bad the leader of that church acts like a sleazy televangelist when he's on stage. It detracts from the importance of the message itself.
Author: Gajind
I agree with the sentiment of this film but isn't this anti-consumerist argument more convincing from a secular standpoint? I like that these preachers are speaking out but their belief system is grounded in the opulence, wealth and glory seeking contained in the bible. The Biblical depiction of heaven is one where even the streets are made of gold for gods sake!
Author: Kazitaxe
I just watched "What Would Jesus Buy?" and I feel very moved by it. I just started my MBA in Sustainable Systems, and there was specifically a part in the bonus features called "The 10 Commandments Are Made In China" and it absolutely blew me away and changed my life. Can you please make it available on youtube so that I can share it with others?
Author: Mor
The idea is good. Too bad the spokesman looks like such a con man -- dyed hair, fake clerical get-up, commercial choir
Author: Mezijora
So I don't mean to appear unduly critical, after all it's a good film, and point is well made. Perhaps I just see things differently .. I just kleep thinking that the Angels usually said the "Peace of the Lord be with you".. not the "hoopin and hollering of the Lawd be with you" :-)
Author: Zolosida
I was really looking forward to this, but then it really got into the jesus aspect and not the consumerism so much. Still good but dissapointed.
Author: Doutaxe
Jesus said a Prophet is without honour in his own home town - in this case Rev Billy is without honour in his own country. But those who honour me I will honour says the Lord. Just brilliant stuff.
Author: Maumuro
@Viscount at Gateway West 44:03 44:04
Author: Yolrajas
Why this is on sale on Amazon???
Author: Mijar
Good morning from Singapore! I wish you'd have a great evening =)
Author: Jurr
It makes sense as the security guards work for the managers and the CEOs of the stores, whom would dislike the disturbances and messages against consumerism.
Author: Taubei
For a bunch of Christians, you sure are making a lot of sense.
Author: Akikasa
Thank you so much for uploading this!
Author: Fenrigul
1:19:00 - he's a burner!
Author: Meshura
I have just one word to sum up this behavior: REEDONKULOUS!
Author: Vudodal
The season to be jolly is a capitalist stunt and Father Christmas is a c***.
Author: Nidal
Although Morgan Spurlock helped get this film made as a Producer...the film was written and directed by Rob VanAlkemada who is a right buddy of mine and I'm proud he made this film/documentary.
Author: Grogar
is it responsible to advertise to children?
Author: Tygoran
Thank you for your film. I am giving the link to it to my children for Christmas, along with a jar of home-made jam.
Author: Nikazahn
"Roxanne Elizabeth... Roxanne Elizabeth..."
Author: Meramar
Xmas and Halloween which both involve giving have roots in American slavery. The slave owners would allow time off and give slaves stuff. The slaves had off as long as the Yule log burned.
Author: Kikinos
W W W . F I L M L I N K . C C
Author: Vidal
He's not a real preacher... He's making fun of real preachers...
Author: Vole
my browser alerted me to the possibility that i ws being redirected to a malicious site. please be careful. unfortunately, i've been hacked, i'm going to have to miss this.
Author: Moogutilar
Dear Reverend Billy,
Author: Kajind
I Love this! Very creative. I almost didn't watch it because of the title. I'm not religious, however, I am always willing to listen or watch almost everything. When I found this online years back, I couldn't stop watching!
Author: Muzilkree
Author: Gura
Is his mother a virgin? If so, I'm prepared to accept everything he says!
Author: Kir
THat preacher guy appears as just an entertainer.. practicing his performance and getting "performance advice" from his "agent" ? Of course I agree with the overall sentiment, , and sure, I don't doubt his sincerity, but how can I take this guy seriously with his just "selling" prepackaged morality with all the "fire and brimstone" trappings for Christmas, instead of Macy's goods. 
Author: Miktilar
Watched this movie a time or two before, it seems appropriate time to watch it again, I would highly recommend this movie to so many people!
Author: Zulukasa
There is no such thing as sin.
Author: Gogami
I am aware that he's not a real preacher, I was making a joke!
Author: Fenrigal
His character can be quite extravagant...but the principle of what he's speaking is dead on! The balance of Christ and giving in christmas is was off its mark but if we all give one act of kindness what a world full of difference that can make :)
Author: Yozshusar
"We just baptized a child, did you see that?"
Author: Tojagrel
500% ?! If only! Fast food CEO are hauling in 110,000% above average fast worker pay.
Author: Mezimuro
Perhaps one of the greatest documentaries ive ever seen.
Author: Malajin
Born in December or not, millions of Christians and Catholics (granted a lot of those who go are those once a year "feel good" church goers) gather to celebrate the birth of Christ, and give praise to God, on 25 Dec every year. So by your calculation, going to church on Sundays is pagan too right? I mean, Sundays aren't the "real" Sabbath.
Author: Baramar
We love you Reverend Billy!
Author: Jurisar
Go Now, and Sin No More....
Author: Sarg
Absolutely brilliant, funny and engaging throughout
Author: Mikak
"cultural resistance" is the name of it. the method with which he expresses his beliefs.
Author: Ninris
SWEET. So exactly how does bail work?
Author: Arabar
Thank you for the captions! There are so many good movies the hearing impaired can not enjoy. May you be blessed
Author: Daijar
With this type of insane materialism, who knows what the world's coming to?
Author: Goll
What would the Magi think?
Author: Akinogul
Came from Kimberly clarks channel!!! How does this not have more views
Author: Nikogore
These preachers like Billy I think are somewhat unhinged from reality.
Author: Mokasa
Spreading word through comedy, but actual seriousness; it's perfect.
Author: Zuluran
I'm pretty sure he's a non believer an evangelical isn't likely to be intelligent enough to see things in this way
Author: Kazrazilkree
Why is it I think I would never enjoy the experience their "solitary confinement" has to offer?
Author: Taum
Pretty girl at 1:00:21!
Author: Muk
Well this is awesome.....
Author: Gardalrajas
"You can take me to jail now."
Author: Tygomuro
Author: Mezisida
Who else is here from Kim's channel?
Author: Nejar
Author: Vor
Do they make you shovel coal from their underground coal mines with the 7 Dwarves into their steam-driven super-computers for a couple of days?
Author: Meziktilar
Christmas is a pagan holiday, Jesus was not born in December
Author: Shaktilmaran
great movie
Author: JoJodal
1:12:00 can someone please give context?
Author: Shagami
Great Movie!
Author: Mikalkree
I do feel heaven is not a place where things are bought but a place where God created beautifully without having to drain himself to fulfill it. I think we are to make earth beautiful not by exploiting our greedy nature but by communal giving sharing loving helping others and working together. I think the christian belief system is great but I feel humans love to celebrate and party that what feeds christmas
Author: Kazrajind
this is all about our society and not just in the U.S. Women love their diamond ring more than they love their husbands.
Author: Arakora
Amen. Thank you.
Author: Mihn
I doubt rev billy is actually religious.. he's just playing on the whole gospel thing. Odds are he's an atheist.
Author: Milkree
This is my Christmas tradition every year I watch this to remind myself to give simple gifts instead of overspending on things to which at the end most people don't want it at all. Just buy food... there is no thinking with that. Everyone eats fruits and vegetables, as well as use toilet paper. . ^_^ Save tons because of it.
Author: Dilkis
I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary. 
Author: Meztilkis
its just a gimmick he uses to grab peoples attention.
Author: Goltishicage
Reverend Billy , you are the best!
Author: Migul
Love this, but they are a little hard on specific businesses. I mean, the problem of unethical outsourcing is pervasive. Just switching off Walmart, Disney, and Starbucks won't address the problem. But I love the "where is it made, where is it sold" criteria. That is a great start. And good lord, we don't need all this junk, amen !
Author: Zurr
Loved it, shared it on my FB page A cause for ideas. I hope it goes viral.
Author: Mikajin
Author: Mikagul
The simple message of Stop Shopping comes as a serious threat to the system. It also exposes the non-virtuous inhumanity of unbridled capitalism at the individual level. It confronts the naked consumerism that has hijacked religious concepts of love and sharing. The real question is would Jesus support the capitalist system that distorts Gods word to line the pockets of the few, while enslaving the masses with debt. Dealing with the "money changers" (capitalists of the time) was the only time Jesus physically lashing out against the system of men. In all reality, capitalism is not the problem, it is the unconscious shopper who is blinded by desire, and avoids taking responsibility for what and how they consume. These sheeple are baptized in the religion of Madison Ave. and the belief that happiness, confidence, and personal virtue resides in products. This is not consistent with humanity, or Jesus's teachings of love and contribution to others.
Author: Tashakar
"we just babtized a child, did you see that?" LOL'z
Author: Doudal
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Author: Shakalmaran
Lisa Pellegrino
Author: Zulrajas
they should make W.W.J.B. bracelets. 


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