United Against Racism March Follows Border Patrol Themed Fraternity Party

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Author: Digor
i like the selective outrage;  if louis farrakhan or some member of la raza came to give a speech at this campus would these people be out in the street protesting racism?
Author: Malanos
I think "cultural appropriation" is hilarious if the costumes are done right. This is just more PC whining from America's vast Grievance & Victim-hood Industry. Grow up, Leftists. 
Author: Mitaur
Not trying to start anything, just stating my opinion of what i have experienced.
Author: Bami
I can't stand the dogmatic racism that is so prevalent throughout Texas. It needs to stop. Mexicans are people too and should be entitled to human rights just like any other person. Not all immigrants from Mexico are criminals, like the media (i.e. fox news) portrays them to be. Many of them are hard working, poor, and hungry people, who only want a better life for them and their families.
Author: Temuro
messican @ 1:48 . would
Author: Mugrel
Being of Hispanic descent, I find no offense to this and don't understand why some of you have take such outrageous measures just to prove that "racism and cultural discrimination is real". Quit begging for attention and move on. You make the rest of us look like a bunch of sensitive minorities. I get jokes and humor about my descent all the time but I let it go and have fun with it because I'm not going to let some stupid joke or comment ruin my day or life like others. There's nothing genuinely racist that occurred and the kids had no intent to cause harm. This is unnecessary and I'm embarrassed as a Hispanic with the way some of you are handling this. This is 2015, not 1960 quit acting like everyone is out to get you.
Author: Telrajas
It would be better if racism was rare, but sadly the older generations are still around, corrupting the young ones mind with hate towards someone who is different, changing them into a toxic version of a Republican and a Christian, but when there in public they hide there inner hate till it is Night.


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