The history of Coast Guard aviation

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Author: Mezicage
I married her niece  =)
Author: Vudosho
Author: Nikozil
The brothers Wright didn't invent the airplane, true. They were, however, the first to have a successful takeoff, flight, and landing under power. It was just a few years after Orville was told he would never fly, and promptly invented Wilbur.
Author: Shaktisida
Check my amazing condensation trail from engines exhaust here!
Author: Miktilar
Zrobiło to na mnie wrażenie.
Author: Mosho
Who invented the airplane was the Brazilian Santos Dumont, only the suckers were patriotic Americans believe that the 3 cock sucker, Santos Dumont flying first in 23 Oct 1906 in Paris before many people in a contest, the brothers did it in front of anyone, is no scientific record, only suckers believe.Viva o Brassssssssil
Author: Arakazahn
Congratulations VADM Crea. Job well done!


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