Shanas Story: Lets Stop HIV Together

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Author: Moogubar
May you live on... educating saving
Author: Faelkree
dude, this is sad
Author: Tygozuru
This really touched much, especially with the native american community...what a jerk for this guy maliciously infected brave..a brave warrior princess..
Author: Nejas
That was an inspiring story it brought tears to my eyes : ( God Bless those in the struggle and never give up.
Author: Dizshura
That's sad but my friends mother died from breast cancer
Author: Samura
I support the fight because i was lucky not to be contaminated by someone who was not faithful and because HIV and the way men treat women and can be trusted for fidelity and dependability are the reasons why i never got married and never wanted to have a family. There are very few people we can trust for lifelong fidelity and dependability, maybe this is one of the are where we should start fighting as well. I am sure there are many women who keep away from marriage and relationships for the same reasons that i laid out above.
Author: Moogugore
many many more lives with your message


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