Real reasons behind fall of Rupee by Dr Subramanian Swamy

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Author: Gazshura
For those who criticize Prof Swamy, Can you guys understand a single line of his research papers? 
Author: Yozshujind
modi should give subramanyam swamy a chance in his cabinet ministry. he will surely do a very good job
Author: Grolmaran
Agreed ! Congress + Recounting Minister P Chidu are playing with India Country & its ppl.
Author: Mulrajas
all politicians are the same 
Author: Bazuru
Jo Gadaro Ko Saja or Bharat Mata ko Ensaf Dilane ki kosis kar raha hai
Author: Zulur
Well now what your Government did in the span of one year?Can't they dare to do
Author: Samujinn
The fact is 1$=70 ++++ 😂😂😂😂
Author: Akinozragore
khan - nehru family has ruined Hindustan
Author: Gokinos
going to be more than 100 days of BJP rule why can't you change dollar value to a min of 50 yet we are not fools 
Author: Akinogore
Dr.Swamy, your tall talk posted here in 2013 is in doldrums as your Party Prime Minister Modiji has gone to sleep for some reasons. Modiji is no doubt a visionary and is dynamic but he has failed misreably in getting these moneys.
Author: Moogurr
Chidambaram's son is biggest Hawala Dealer in Singapore, Google him.
Author: Arashinris
Bharat Mata ka Lal,
Author: Nijinn
one of the greatest scholar ...india ever produced...kudos to u sir.
Author: Daigar
why not now, as you are the mp for current govt. its been 1 and half year
Author: Kajikasa
Author: Zucage
Dr. Swami's service to India is Nobel, I respect him as much as our Freedom Fighters.
Author: Dosho
Its been a year... he said 1$=25 rs
Author: Zujind
Swamy should be the Finance Minister; not Jaitely. Jaitely is another Chidambaram. I wonder why Modi had opted for Jaitely.
Author: Akinot
Author: Fegor
Close P-Notes and half of the NDA ministers will come on footpath.
Author: Taugrel
india need subramanium swami as a finance minister not jetly. jetly exposed as corrupt. indian people dont like jetly.
Author: Tek
why not now bjp govt. take action as your formula. are bjp's some top leaders behind black money also?
Author: Shakagore
He said 6 months is enough
Author: Kazibar
Why Sonia and her gang of dacoits like Chidambram and Sibal still free and not in Tihar????
Author: Kele
Dr Subramanian Swamy is real genius.


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