Not to obstruct Intercaste Love Marriage, SC Order | #LoveMarriage #IntercasteMarriage

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Comments "Not to obstruct Intercaste Love Marriage, SC Order | #LoveMarriage #IntercasteMarriage":

Author: Zolot
Author: Gogami
Indha sattam vandhum enna use... Ellam makkal manasu maaruna than maarum..
Author: Tule
Romba nandri but parents Ku idhu puriyanum
Author: Zolosho
Apuram yen Ipo thodarchiya rendu aanava kolai...
Author: Kigajar
Government inno konjam help Panna nallarukum, first parentsku puriyanum godπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Author: Akinolmaran
Idhu mattum dhan da....nalla rule...potrukinga
Author: Shaktilkree
18 age errundha pannla maa
Author: Goltikus
Antha rendu pennuku neethi ilaya...???
Author: Doule
First COMMUNITYA OLIKANUM, Itha first seinga sathiya kandupudichavanga mattum love panravanga kaila sikatumm annaiku avanuku kedavettuthaπŸ‚πŸ‚
Author: Tojam
Thank you sir
Author: Mezigore
Author: Bazilkree
intha sattam January vanthachu...
Author: Mezill
Romba nandri πŸ™
Author: Akinojind
lots of thnx
Author: Arashikasa
Nanri da
Author: Samushura
please stop #Aanavapadukolai
Author: Mok
Thank u government ...appo dha cast ozhiyum
Author: Tegrel
ithu pola community certificate nu irukara onna cancel panna yentha prachanaum irukkathu
Author: Shashura
Romba nandri.....apram thadukaravangakugu thandani nu yethavathu sonningana ellarum konjam thaduka payapatuvanga plz
Author: Ararr
Caste religion olicha nattula pathi pblm kuraichurum
Author: Kajiran
πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ thank you for government
Author: Zule
thanks for government
Author: Fenrilabar
government ithuku action yedukatha...
Author: Faele
lots of thnx


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