News Now Houston & TexRose956 Incident Q&A - Part 2

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Author: Kemi
Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. It will all play out in court. It seems as if someone or some entity wants this man gone. To have local news do a hit pieces and call his youtube channel advertiser's? Sounds like an orchestrated attack. Yet the truth always comes out we all must wait before jumping to conclusions. My question is this if he was convicted at 19 like stated how did he get into the military? I never seen an enlistment waiver for someone convicted of a crime like that in my life. Also why not serve the warrant at his residence early in the AM like prottocol? So seems like something is missing from the info. Alot of people watch NNH so arresting him will disrupt the community and cause discourse which they know. It's psyop ops 101 along with beta testing. So be aware. I guess we will all have to wait and see. ✌ ✌
Author: Dalkis
Regarding sex offenders, he has to go to hell
Author: Shaktidal
Soooo... if it was a “felony warrant” when NNH got arrested by CBP in Sarita, FBI El Paso, and other departments, you mean to tell this community all those LEO’s did not get a hit on a “Felony Warrant”
Author: Nanos
Author: Kazijar
you know,all I am going to say about this,is this is all going to play out,it is what it is, and that is just the way it is.
Author: Taugami
This woman sounds dumb as rocks, sorry. -- If she KNEW Earl was about to be arrested she MAY not have gone out with him. Gimme a break.
Author: Dishicage
Let's ye without guilt cast the first stone
Author: Mihn
This is all crap, just a bunch of jealous, conniving fools!
Author: Mejin
So if I go to McAllen Tx to take pictures of the wall, I need to check in with crazy aunt geranamia?
Author: Shanris
Free until proven guilty in a court of law
Author: Brataxe
blacklab3l... you normally have a top shelf show … but who let the jerks in who are not listening to what is asked and answer... I am sorry … sounds like there is a witch hunt and your about the truth.... I am sorry.. thumbs down... Texrose … great job in handling the nasty people... keep up the good work....
Author: Moogura
The bullshoot is so high;
Author: Mokasa
This rose lady has been duped, and is being used.
Author: Dile
HMMMM. If it’s your first audit with NNH, after seeing his content; what made you ask “do you have any warrants “?
Author: Nicage
Divide and conquer
Author: Maugar
Thank you guys for making this available
Author: Jusho
This is one of the few times I've watched one of the and totally changed my mind. I thought Rose was acting. She isn't, she's totally in over her head and NNH totally suckered her. She's a rube.
Author: Voodootaur
The Rio Grande Valley is corrupt big time.
Author: Yozshugal
You need wings to stay above it!
Author: Yozshusida
why do people all jump to conclusions? in america, its supposed to be innocent till proven guilty..
Author: Doktilar
Everyone is innocent until proven guilty
Author: Nikokora
If the Police is listening? They allready gone there or had the owner erased those tapes...
Author: Shakazahn
🤔 they were in McAllen and Rose is from McAllen, and RGV is very corrupt, no body cams... I too don’t believe in coincidence ROSE!! Cut the BS!!!


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