Mitt Romney Ripped By Wall Street Journal

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Author: Daitaxe
His Mormon faith is important to him! God lives on planet Kolob! Candidate for 2012! He wears magic underwear with embroidery on the nipples and thinks the second coming of Jesus is going to be in Missouri! This man is irrational! He cannot be commander in chief of the US military. The only button he should be allowed to put his finger on is a chocolate one! I want rational government! America is in La-la Land if it accepts Biblical stories as factual.
Author: Golar
Author: Nanris
He is like the "white, old" Obama.
Author: Vuzil
RON PAUL talked about the debt-problem years ago - there are videos from 2008 where he himself has the courage to stand up and warn the congress and a lot of interviews talking about the problem of the Fed and Fractional Reserve. Ron Paul knows economy, he was running for president back in 1988 and he NEVER changed his convictions - his voting history is constant. Please america for your own best - vote for Ron Paul.
Author: Nikogal
his policies have been mostly moderate center right, and in European countries he'd be considered a conservative.
Author: Nile
Author: Vijinn
WSJ has now slammed Romney and Bachmann. These two players are now, done. If you don't have the FOX NEWS empire (News Corp) behind you... forget it.
Author: Kerg
Ron Paul is my man for 2012!
Author: Maukazahn
@blastedwpg yea i'm tired of hearing "obama's a socialist"
Author: Tek
Ye...Wait what? If you think the main reason hes bad for this job is hes 'too religious' I think you are missing alot of infomation about him. On the other hand, at least you are onboard with everyone esle in agreeing, he is bad for the job :)
Author: Tezahn
Yeah he is a Turkish Democrat - pretends to be 'moderate' and 'atheist' - but ask him about Israel or the Armenian genocide (which he denies took place) - you'll see he is quite nutty
Author: Milabar
What is the big deal about Ron Paul ?
Author: Mekree
Author: Faujinn
Thats because he's an ASSHOLE.
Author: Fenrilrajas
romeny supports healthcare mandates, carbon taxes, he raised taxes and fees, he supports the patriot act, supports the banker bailouts, does not support an audit of the fed, thinks ben bernake has done a good job, and was for "nation building" before he was against it_ Please don't take my word for it, google everything I said and find out the truth about romney_
Author: Shakakazahn
So who will you vote for president if Ron Paul isn't nominated. Ron Paul would be a good choice but it's hard to see the modern-day GOP select RP over Willard Mitt Romney.
Author: Sajin
regards from TR
Author: Vudogor
Please consider donating for the moneybomb at Ron Paul 2012 . com !
Author: Faelar
Ron Paul is what is known as a Libertarian - basically believes that government should be small as possible.... he isn't really a Republican - but he believes that he'd have more luck running as a Republican than as a Libertarian. He has HEAPS of supporters on the Internet - but not many in real life.... they like him because he wants to legalize drugs..
Author: Moogulrajas
Huuuuge promises, but .......
Author: Daishakar
search " "When Mitt Romney Came to Town" " and see how Mitt Romney company buy legal and healthy american bussineses , raid the cash , and then bankrupt them and sack thousands of americans.
Author: Moogugrel
I'd love to see someone actually ask Romney to explain why he believes in "whatever they told me to do" - he will fail the country like he failed as governor!
Author: Virr
Ron Paul is the only hope
Author: Gutilar
Author: Vijinn
From Sea to Shining Sea let the Bells of Ron Paul ring.
Author: Doujar
Cool, thank you.
Author: Mujas
are these guys turkish?
Author: Tebar
@cub35guy Don't forget rush limbaugh spent a week bashing romney for supporting carbon taxes_
Author: Gardahn
Another question :)


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