Michigan Cops Lose It Over Silent Photography PT.2

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Comments "Michigan Cops Lose It Over Silent Photography PT.2":

Author: Faelmaran
That attitude and behavior from those cops is deplorable. Way to make your city and people shine “officers”. 😏🙄
Author: Kazrakus
Them cops are ridiculous, and if you cussed at them they'd be on top of you in a second. And as for that cop that keeps saying tough guy, who does he think he is? Steven seagal.
Author: JoJokus
It's called a pack of cowardly pigs, if you're that scared of citizens, you damn sure should NOT be a police officer!
Author: Katilar
I just shared this on Twitter and tagged the department and called them morons.
Author: Mazuzil
I don't think they've brought in enough manpower for this potential "afoot" crime.
Author: Nirr
Author: Telkis
Author: Nikojin
It's always amazing to see how weak minded these blue thugs are.
Author: Tygokinos
Crime is a foot right now.
Author: Akisida
If you want to rob a bank just have an accomplice film outside a military base to occupy half the force.
Author: Tet
You should carry donuts 🍩 around & eat them in front of their face ...and don’t offer them any! 🤤
Author: Sarn
Wow ! 8 pigs for 1 guy with a camera !! Only in America, land of the " free " lol
Author: Mezibei
ANSWER.....50...one to hold the bulb and 49 to spin the ceiling.
Author: Kazisho
“Sir u can’t stand on the sidewalk” !?!?!?? WTH 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄
Author: Tesida
@ 2:36 Officer Rose "What's your Youtube channel?" He KNOWS what's going on and they still keep hassling the photographer!
Author: Mauhn
They really should have had a helicopter or two on site.
Author: Maule
How many cops does it take to change a lightbulb ?
Author: Nikozahn
Cant get a single cop when someone steals your car, but 9 show up for a cameraman.
Author: Vukazahn
Cops: The most dangerous gang in America.
Author: Tojaramar
Author: Munos
Sounds like Mermaid man and barnicle boy.
Author: Dokus
Yeh whatch behind you we don't want him camera you to death
Author: Bashakar
Cop- “we suspect you of committing a crime.” Civilian- “What crime?” Cop- “I don’t know.”
Author: Grolkree
Meanwhile, across town, 2 are getting mugged cause all the cops had a dangerous cameraman....wow
Author: Gardajora
Duuuuuuude!!!! Wtf?!?!? Your audit just costed that town about $10,000. 😵😄


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