Michelle Malkin OWNS Al Sharpton: Hes Got Blood on His Hands! - Hannity Show - 7/31/13

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Comments "Michelle Malkin OWNS Al Sharpton: Hes Got Blood on His Hands! - Hannity Show - 7/31/13":

Author: Gazshura
Michelle,you are not only gorgeous,but you are courageous and brilliant as well.Now,if you looked like a dyke,was as ugly as Rachel Maddow,the left would think you were miss America.
Author: Kajishura
3:51 LOL Al looks like a black Oompa Loompa
Author: Shaktizil
How's that, Lincoln ? Why don't you tell us when Michelle or any other decent person has done what Sharpton has done.
Author: Tausida
she's sexy when she's all mad :) 
Author: Yogrel
she needs to relax
Author: Jujar
Michelle is intelligent and beautiful.....'nuff said.
Author: Virn
Blacks did not build the pyramids they didn't invent electricity it didn't invent the automobile the bicycle colleges books computers sulfones there have been some good there are some good scientist in the black community but they can never discover what they did if they were around all the other achievements that whites have made cultural appropriation is bullshit that helps no one and it separates everyone if you're going to preach it you better live it
Author: Arashura
sharpton is a low life bottom feeding piece of fuck, get killed ass wipe racist.
Author: Taulkree
He's a race pimp plane and simple and people who can't see that are blind he's just making money on African American outrage he doesn't give 2 ducks about making thing better
Author: Shakagal
Sharpton is a race baitor. We are one people that desire freedom and liberty. Why allow these race baitors to divide us for their profit? Sharpton is a hate pimp.
Author: Tanris
Sharpton is a freemason, he works in darkness.
Author: Fera
When I say "whooooze da Masta"...you say...S̶h̶o̶ ̶N̶u̶f̶f̶ Al Sharpton"
Author: Vudocage
Because Sharpton fomented race-riots, led anti-Semitic pogroms in Crown Heights, and helped kill 7 people at the Massacre At Freddy's Fashion Mart.
Author: Tygobei
she is too hot
Author: Kagabar
How does the mean, vile,utterly despicable Michelle assert that someome else is the problem here. Spare me the rhetoric


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