Meru’s Polygamy King: 36 Year Old With 17 Wives And 30 Children

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Comments "Meru’s Polygamy King: 36 Year Old With 17 Wives And 30 Children":

Author: Shakarr
Congratulations dad
Author: Mezihn
good job kuliko kutangatanga n great love
Author: Karan
He should vie for MCA, he got numbers
Author: Voodooshura
you look old 36 yrs issa No, makalio yataisha mzee
Author: Tutaur
36? He looks at least 50!
Author: Mezisho
WTF !! I can't imagine how big is his bolls
Author: Nanos
A real African man Mr Kathata is. Congrats
Author: Akinogis
Where does he get the funding from 😂😂😂 36 is a lie
Author: Faezahn
ata mi natafuta wa kunioa nitakam.
Author: Faejas
He is not 37 😂 more like 55
Author: Fenrilmaran
So many 🤡 in this world
Author: Yozshukree
i might not be surprised to find half are other men babies his is taking care off
Author: Nak
Someone please give me this man's number. If I'm lucky, I can be wife number 21.
Author: Faujind
you end up other children are not yours
Author: Nakinos
36 is a lie this guy is around 50
Author: Yozshunos
He is rich. Wow! All those properties!
Author: Mikakasa
Nikula miraa sana
Author: Kagataur
oooooh my😦😦congrats anyway
Author: Mikagul
So the guy is 36, first wife looks 50 & and 4th wife looks the Man-- king of Team Mafisi..
Author: Yozshuramar
Lol, ati his father gave him power to carry on with the 'work'


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