Massive coral reef found at mouth of Amazon River

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Comments "Massive coral reef found at mouth of Amazon River":

Author: Balmaran
put it back in the got damn water please!!!!!
Author: Akikazahn
Now just wait for us to come and ruin it
Author: Faekasa
I thought this was pretty neat, but you still get a down like because @CNN YOU ARE FAKE NEWS
Author: Gom
scrape and dredge collection method??....and that's good? look at all the pretty colored fish! now all dead instead of going to them...hell drag 'em on up and get a good look...
Author: Majinn
Oh wow something new for humans to destroy.
Author: Yozshurisar
Should be tittled, "Coral reef found for destroying in the mouth of amazon"
Author: Daran
Author: Takree
all the great pictures CNN captured covered up with text
Author: Docage
all comments so far are negative about humans ruining this find. so sad that we humans have become a threat to our own world.
Author: Kalmaran
great job CNN
Author: Bajinn
How long till humans destroy it?


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