Martin Tower in Bethlehem is razed to the ground

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Author: Dihn
This is what happens when the founders of companies no longer own them, and they are instead sold to investors who only care about squeezing the maximum amount of money from a company right now, with no regard for the future.
Author: Mikam
Picture prefect implosion. Well done crew
Author: Miktilar
Was a very sad day in Bethlehem, PA.
Author: Mazular
Demolition crew: I'm about to end this man's whole career
Author: Nasar
Almost as good as Building 7
Author: Shaktiran
Damn asbestos.
Author: Zululkis
And in its place, erect an enormous 'middle finger' as a testimony to all of the people they murdered by taking the Employee pensions, healthcare and most of all every employee and their families dignity!
Author: Voshakar
Author: Dailrajas
Good to see the 9/11 references. The Peeps are waking up. Live with out fear.
Author: Tojajind
just like September the 11th...
Author: Barisar
Looks oddly like the twin towers coming down!
Author: Jurisar
Now we have room for another medical building. Like we need more of them.
Author: Shakazuru
I guess somewhere in the LV there was a big old hole that is now getting filling up with the remains of Martin Tower
Author: Dimi
goodbye martin tower rip
Author: Vumuro
Same way they knocked down the world trade centre!
Author: Kirn
This was a familiar sight during my childhood. Although I spent most of my life in Perry County, in the greater Harrisburg area, I made frequent trips to Bethlehem and remember it quite well. What a shame to see it gone.
Author: Takazahn
I used to and still do call this the batman building
Author: Mezahn
Sad to see what has happened to our industrial state of Pennsylvania. I see more warehouses, medical buildings, hotels and university expansion. What ever happened to the creation and production of an American made products in Bethlehem Pennsylvania? Walmart, Amazon, imports and technology the are the key root causes of American labor reduction.
Author: Vudozahn
I mean if it was because of asbestos, they just made it way worse, asbestos can spread in the dust and fall on surrounding buildings and parks. So many people and fire fighters got cancer because of the asbestos in the dust of WTC buildings. Who is going to clean up that mess with asbestos anyway? This is such a silly thing... It would have been much better to cover this building during the demolition and clean it up later neatly.
Author: Kazigami
Wait - where is the plane shaped hole?
Author: Mill
you know whats funny ? there were 7 muslim men inside that building and they brought their own
Author: Kile
skyscraper bad
Author: Zuzahn
I know this is a good thing that it was knocked down and it had asbestos and everything but it makes me sad because everytime I see it I know that we r close to my family’s house
Author: Zululmaran
That building was an eyesore.
Author: Gardami
Martin Tower: exists
Author: Keshakar
Seeing this shows me twin towers was imploded
Author: Akirn
That'll teach em to build a skyscraper in a residential neighborhood!
Author: Nalmaran
Does anybody know WHY it was taken down?
Author: Kejin
Why was it destroyed?
Author: Yozshusida
So sad to see a magnificent building, which required years of planning, tens of thousands of man hours and millions of dollars to produce leveled in a matter of seconds.
Author: Nishura
Time's are a changing
Author: Batilar
so why exactly was this done? Does anyone? It looks pretty good to me
Author: Tygolar
Blow'em up here, build'em up in China. China steel industry still uses asbestos, lead, and don't have building and safety codes. I'm in the steelworkers union, it was started in this industry and this country. This was a sad day, not one to cheer and jump up and down while pumping your fists in victory.
Author: Moogule
Dude was jumping up and down like it was a rock concert lol Good footage.
Author: Tygotaxe
Screw ronca, screw Herrick, screw donchez and everyone involved in this.
Author: Moogulkis
Waiting for the World Trade Center conspiracy comments.
Author: Zuzil
We could still have a steel industry in this country, but manufacturers would rather have products made by slave laborers in China instead.
Author: Bataur
Tragic, remniscent of 9/11. My heart breaks for all the families involved. The terrorists will NOT divide us LOVE will PREVAIL
Author: Dok
I live near this and I cried when I saw this
Author: Jujin
Crowds cheering and applauding at the sight of building that once housed hundreds of living wage jobs being blown up. The jobs left years ago. Now the building. A very sad and ironic moment.
Author: Shaktisho
Reminds me of 9/11
Author: Voodoogore
Clappin like a parade
Author: Vujin
I wish I was there to see it ;_;
Author: Fenrikus
Looked like the twin towers coming down.
Author: Tygokora
Look like something we've seen before the day the pillars were brought down!
Author: Mooguzragore
Where did u hear that before? ? Hhhhmmmmm??? Building 7 maybe????
Author: Guzragore
Nice looking building. A shame they had to demolish it.
Author: Zulkilabar
..looks SO familiar! ~wink~
Author: Mutaxe
Can it be repaired?
Author: Zuluhn
Great to see a video without talking heads
Author: Tosho
I saw it In person so sad
Author: Voodoozuru
This is the best video I’ve found so far.
Author: Maukree
Nice! Pull it. I am going to my dermatologist.


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