Jeff Rense & William Tompkins - The ET & Nazi Secret Space Program

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Author: Tojale
Personally, if I were living in London around the time of Von Braun's V2 rockets raining down on me and my family, yeah, I'd be ticked that the USA took this man and made him head dude of NASA, not before they Disney-fied him first.
Author: Zuluzuru
Great visuals (thanks!) with most outrageous disclosure yet. Please keep it coming and helps validate Corey Goodes intel, as well as all other super soldier's stories.
Author: Arashirisar
So, it would be that yes, indeed, the Germany ran NASA, but Russia had their German scientists, too. Really, a space RACE? Who's kidding who here. This is not to say genuine UFOs landed and were back-engineered and aliens, apparently impervious to radiation sickness, are in charge of the worlds' governments (along with the Zionists), but to me this interview is filled with disinformation.
Author: Nikogar
Fascinating listen this! Mind blown by some of the stuff talked about. Really wouldn't be shocked if this is true
Author: Sarr
How about a flat Earth show, Jeff?
Author: Nekus
Very strange, it almost sounds like this whole story is a complete load of nonsense.
Author: Moogulabar
what a bugger you have to pay for this content!
Author: Tojajar
I have no doubt of the technical capabilities of people of this dimension but add to this their inability to raise their own consciousness (no excuses) and we have the makings of permanent slavery, as most people lose touch with the world they live on.
Author: Zujind
As Above So Below
Author: Nalkis
One word.... BON....(Tibet?) There's nothing worse than folks being hypnotized into the agenda and this one continues to evolve. I have NO doubt that people believe every word they say, only the great liars control our demise from the inside.
Author: Mazucage
- Patrick Wood
Author: Mikora
This is it Jeff keep going mate, were will you.
Author: Dimi
Why is the Nazi underground power structure that controls the world pushing for massive nonwhite invasion of white countries?
Author: Samugor
Still wish to know how ANYBODY, including 'aliens', get through the Van Allen radiation belts. They start out about 1,000 miles from earth and extend 25,000 miles. That's VERY deadly radiation, not to been cast aside quickly. Besides, NASA's contraption that supposedly landed on the moon looked like mylar built around tar paper. What a joke. Even Von Braun said it would take building the size of the Empire State Building (actually SIX of them) to get man to the moon.
Author: Gardazshura
The dark horse of the New World Order is not Communism, Socialism, or Fascism . . . it is Technocracy!
Author: Shaktizragore
Thank you for the information...
Author: Mizilkree
When I see the word Nazi and then I look at the word Nasa, it's practically the same word.
Author: Zulkishura
Two adult men talking about creepy non-sense.
Author: Kajitaxe
On my the bucket list, is finding out the truth of the moon landings, UFOs, aliens, Germans, Zionists, Agenda 21/30 and not least, the total destruction of the planet through geo-engineering/biological warfare, which BTW, if the earth is destroyed, who cares about who's running the place? All fall down. Sounds like a suicidal species to me. Crazy mofos.
Author: Sataur
Psychotronics control grids are real.
Author: Zulkigore
Good god.
Author: Dashicage
BEWARE! Lots of paid government trolls here writing things to try and disprove Bill. This is real!
Author: Nashura
Like children do.
Author: Virn
halftruths, desinfo and nonsense... one thing was definitely true: you guys didn`t win the war.
Author: Mazusar
Bottom line: Germans hang out with space aliens, they have been doing so for a long time.
Author: Kazigore
Had no idea Hans Moleman was a UFO expert, but I'm not completely surprised.
Author: Disho
Does Jeff know that we live on a FLAT PLANE and NOT a SPHERICAL GLOBE ??
Author: Meztijind
Flat Earth theorists posit that Nazis found the edge of the firmament and the underground tunnels to the next plane, with or without "aliens". The Nazis did indeed win WW2. They escaped into onto underto ANTARTICA - the place where no goyim is allowed to go, fly over, travle across or even talk about.


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