Glenn Beck reveals how he grew to support Trump

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Author: Gardataur
Hannity, I Love ya man but SHUT UP! And let the man speak. What he was saying has value.
Author: Zolozahn
Only the best president ever. Dude is not even being paid . god bless him and his family.
Author: Samumi
Glenn Beck reveals how he grew to support Trump....Because his ratings sank !!
Author: Kajijar
Nice to see you made a change. You are one of many! Good for you.
Author: Gardak
Trump likes to get things done. The GOP are all wimps.
Author: Fekasa
I voted for Trump in 2016. I like what I see with Trump and will vote for him in 2020.
Author: Tegor
President Trump is only President who is very transparent. He keeps all promises he has made during the campaingn. He is my President and will vote for him again on 2020.
Author: Durr
Too little too late.
Author: Yolkis
Support Trump. He is the country's best hope at this point. God works in mysterious ways!
Author: JoJokora
AWESOME! He got on board...after he lost all of his audience.
Author: Danos
Beck is not trustworthy, keep your back guarded around him
Author: Nern
Too late Glenn. You were one of the haters ,big time. Too dumb to grasp the reality of the 2016 election.
Author: Shaktijas
To become a Trump supporter was just a matter of survival for the U.S.A.. I'm voting for him again, because it will be for justice against the Democratic Party.
Author: Vulmaran
Licked his finger and stuck it up in the air to see which way the wind was blowing.
Author: Kajicage
I'm thinking Beck's anti-Trump talk was hurting his bank account
Author: Shatilar
I always say when he starts to drain the swamp he should start with the RINOs first. He should then lock up the deep state criminals.
Author: Gardashura
Get as many people out to vote trump 2020 its a fight for our country
Author: Yozshuzil
I applaud anybody that comes over to the right side & history will prove it. Trump is a great president. He's far from perfect but his intentions are good and he's already been successful.
Author: Moogubar
Glen Beck is a phony flip flopper the only reason is for his failed blaze ratings!!
Author: Doukora
"We defeated a very corrupt establishment, and have kept our promise to the American people. And it's driving them crazy!" -President Donald J. Trump
Author: Akilrajas
Sometimes we get things wrong..Well done, Beck...
Author: Akinogar
Screw Beck!


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