Derby Street Multi Demolition,Hilltown Dundee from Dundee Law HD

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Author: Brat
Bang and the dirt is gone :)
Author: Bashakar
@tommy Webster. Please get your facts right before shooting the gun. I live on a council estate I'm not European and I certainly do not seek any form of benefit. I even have a child and I do not get a penny from the government as I earn over the barrier so please don't label everyone that lives on a council estate. Thank you.
Author: Gusar
Did the church survive?
Author: Vojinn
I think they mean the way the buildings fall... you know with explosives...... and you can't say that everyone who wears a Turban is a racist..... no more than you can say that every terrorist is a Muslim
Author: Didal
The demolition of Butterburn Court (the one on the right of the video) didn't seem to go as expected though. The top half 8 floors or so seemed to veer off to the right. Just hope they had people and cars well out of the way lol.
Author: Milmaran
Another bit of Thatcher`s Britain got rid of
Author: Nikokus
Search and you'll find another video from a different angle and you'll see all the smoke and dust. That's exactly what it must have been like for those in New York on 9/11.
Author: Zoloshakar
All demolitions look the same........
Author: Momuro
The demolition of Butterburn court WAS correct , it was controlled to go to the right to avoid hitting St Martins Chruch
Author: Faulabar
Which one are you referring to. On the left Multi (the one with Blue facing down the middle), I can see a curtain moving on the 10th floor/nearest window in the shot (that is counting the windows on the face of the building on the left).
Author: Goltilkree
good old butterburn court went reluctantly to the very end !
Author: Shaktinris
Holy shit is there someone in there??
Author: Mumuro
Remember visiting someone who stayed in the blue ('Dens') block....if I remember rightly the lift corridors were all half way between a pair of floors, so you had 11 Lower (21st floor) and 11 Upper (22nd floor) that right? Been a long time now.
Author: Vunris
I think that was intended to save the church inbetween them
Author: Malasida
lol if those two hideous flats were the tallest buildings in derby, the rest must be dump.
Author: Vijin
I lived in Butterburn Court about 10 years ago, it was a great flat and a good place to live. It's a shame that it's gone
Author: JoJogul
I saw already this. 11/09/01. New York.
Author: Nezahn
some house just get wiped out?
Author: Kazrazahn
You can't say that it reminds u of 9/11 because no one died in that incident and no fucking turbin wearers done it
Author: Voodoogar
It was due to trying to save that stupid church, otherwise the multi's would have fallen into the centre.
Author: Brajind
no hit at the rear as was the sheltered housing in russell square with the red building which toppled upside down . Its a good job they were empty and due to be demolished faster than they had planned .
Author: Barr
The Tory scum with their stuff the plebs in the tower blocks ideology has been long in play before and after she was in office, She is just used because how badly governed it was in her time
Author: JoJokazahn
agree with you it appears to be a figure then something plunges out the window . A ghost of a suicide victim or just black covering from an explosion inside prior to the boom . it appears around 0.14 to 0.18 secs then plunges .
Author: Neshakar
Shit... I forgot my dog.
Author: Tegar
I was filming from my house across the river and i missed it while texting!
Author: Tukora
i'm gutted i missed it, glad they are gone. seen the ones up fintry going
Author: Mobei
Well so much for that theory since the church was damaged. I doubt anyone especially someone on the council will admit it but it was obviously a complete fuck up as Mr Frank Gallagher suggests. Since the Russell place houses were also due to be demolished perhaps this was the council's attempt at saving some money by getting Butterburn court to fall on top of the square ;)
Author: Dokree
historical? those were ugly, who cares if they were historical.
Author: Nagore
according to security guards it was a fuck up , it was ment to fall in its own footprint . The building split landed on top of bottom half rolled over upside down whacking the sheltered housing complex in russell square . Mark loizeaux demolition expert who did ardler agreed the right amount of explosives in the right place could easily have dropped this building in its own print , windows were blew out in nearby flats and satellite dishes blown into walls and off walls churches hit the lot.
Author: Aranos
Hay you guys seen my cat??? O.0 oh s***
Author: Dolabar
awright squirell puss long time no see ma man pmsl
Author: Akinomuro
Butterburn did not fall or pancake and did stop 9 floors from the top and toppled over and hit near by building which are being demolished. I don t think Safedem expected that... I also think they did not take into account that the lift and water housing on the top of these buildings weighed as much as it did Bucklemaker courts one just missed the church.
Author: Meztigrel
Shock and awe!
Author: Daijinn
Author: Tajinn
should have hamptons crazy hamster dance playing as background music . BE FAIR DUNDEE CITY COUNCIL ARE ALL DODO'S demolishing pefectly good housing galore and waisting billions of public funds
Author: Dall
On the right Multi (the one with Red facing down the middle), there's a piece of the black lining which blows out.
Author: Meztijind
Hee hee hee
Author: Vijar
Pay attention - left building, fifth floor (count the floors from the roof), left side of the building. There appears someone a couple of seconds before exploding.
Author: Meztizilkree
Another historical piece of Dundee gone !!:-(
Author: Tygorg
I'm from Dundee and i find it weird how much people are fascinated with "multi's" coming down.
Author: Dushura
No ghosts, no suicides, no real drama!!!
Author: Nezahn
Just drove past the mess. Workers are still cleaning it up
Author: Disida
Good video xxx
Author: Taukora
Sum1 WAS there
Author: Bazshura
заебись бомбануло
Author: Mikakasa
Reminds me of 911
Author: Akinot
They were built before Maggie came to power. I think it was Ted Heath that was the PM at the time.


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