Dera Ghazi Khan: A Microcosm of Pakistans Hopes

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Author: Akinos
Fuck Lagharis. They have done nothing for Dera Ghazi Khan or for the people of this region. They are the people with feudal thinking who suck blood of the innocent Saraiki people. Laghari the bastard was president but what has he done for the people or region during his tenure? Nothing! These are the people who served the English and got the land in return. The land belongs to Saraiki people not to these disgraceful items.
Author: Arashiran
Farooq Leghari is great man, and jamal leghari is really cool.
Author: Toran
Author: Kazibar
i love Leghari
Author: Tygozshura
Keep crying and beg NAB to pull a case on them, cause you aint gonna find SHEEET :)
Author: Aragami
whatever dude, omaar lund!!
Author: Nibei
Dont hate the player, hate the game BITCHES!!
Author: Samumi
Author: Mull
FArooq Leghari is a disgrace and should be dragged in the streets of DG Khan along with his tools.
Author: JoJonris
@OMMAR30991 yaar galian denay say kuch nahi hoga saray dg khan ki video banaoo or lagaoo k leghari hoon ya khosa wo shehr jis ki serhud teen sooboon say milty hai uski aik road tuk salamut nahy


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