Cheatham County jail breaks out in prisoner fight

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Author: Dizilkree
Damn I want some context
Author: Grom
shoulda just maced the whole room
Author: Samule
Lames even lamer when they come out. They "TRY" to walk hard as if people really care almost like a ho looking for attention haha
Author: Mik
These losers are all a bunch of pack animals with a mob mentality. I bet not a single one of them could hold their own in a one-on-one fight. It’s hilarious how they’re all high-fiving each other like they did something tough.
Author: Kazratilar
So the entire pod was after 1 dude? Must be a snitch.
Author: Mikadal
They jumped that man cowards
Author: Aracage
Author: Mazukus
I don't understand. Are they going after a chomo or what?
Author: Grokazahn
one word PC and since those crackaz wanna act like animals call the swat team and lock each down for 25 hours
Author: Motilar
They was listening to that damn rapper Upchurch! 🤣
Author: Jugis
i would like to open up a private jail. I will build it and take prisoners at a cut rate. Save states million$.
Author: Tygoramar
Greg wasn't murdered he beat Danny's daughter then came to his home with 6 men and guns and Greg was shooting when kill shot happened
Author: Kazilar
why didnt the guard slap that little boy pretending to be a thug? at 2:16 ????????
Author: Dozshura
This lame jail needed to tase, mace and teargas that whole pod repeatedly..feral animals need to be treated like animals


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