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Author: Kigazragore
I hate hospitals for a reason
Author: Zulkihn
I believe these Dr's and government agencies push this on natives because they take advantage of the system and the government is basically paying for everything. Income assistance and income for the children. And the the government is probably just sick of it. These natives rarely work and just use n expect the government to act like the daddy and pay for everything. That's why they don't want more natives in the future. If your wanting kids there comes a big responsibility with that decision not just a pay cheque from welfare!!
Author: Shaktizragore
Why is nobody talking about this?
Author: Banos
And its not my country but it wrong
Author: Yotaxe
i wonder why canadians treat the natives so badly. have you seen the documentary about the genocide?? it is horrifying just how terrible they were treated and still are in many areas. in America, we have a lot of respect and admiration for the natives. and the certainly deserve our respect too. i feel like the canadian natives should all come down here and live where they will get along in peace and harmony. where they can be treated gracefully and respectful. but canadians are supposed to be super passive and nice. its weird so hear that they have it out for a race of people.


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