The Four Tops - Baby I Need Your Loving

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Author: Jukora
I'm a 65 year old white boy and this was like hearing church bells going off. Still does.
Author: Tugal
This music touches my soul
Author: Ferg
Oldies gotta love em👌🏾👍🏾💖💗💙💚
Author: JoJokora
temps four tops and miracles. best music
Author: Vulabar
coming from a 20-year-old ...
Author: Dudal
Motown the '' greatest '' music that's ever been, and that will ever be.....
Author: Shagis
Tops areTops.
Author: Moshakar
Motown is on another level. Simply amazing.
Author: Mikaramar
God, I love Motown...
Author: Vishicage
Levi Stubbs and the harmonies will last forever.  One of the greatest songs ever produced!
Author: Moshicage
Thank you '' Barry Gordy ''..
Author: Shataxe
Back when music was music and you needed actual talent to make it
Author: Vukazahn
Fall 1964..... Fresh out of the Marines........Like yesturday
Author: Dougul
This is some real soul right here. Nothing is better than some oldies.
Author: Samugis
That voice is unmistakable. Handsome guy, brilliant voice and lovely person.
Author: Sham
One of the greatest songs/performances of all time.
Author: Yotaxe
I was born in 1990... Way after this generation. But this song really does tell us the beauty of the 60's. Beautiful.
Author: Digal
quite simply one of the greatest songs ever recorded
Author: Nedal
This is real music .
Author: Grosho
Was a kid during the 60's.  So I was also able to listen my parents collection of 50's music (Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, The Platters).  I was a teen during the 70's, a twenty-something during the 80's and a young adult through to the mid-90's.  After such a great experience of Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Jazz, Funk and Blues, I can understand why today's youth feel kind of defensive about their music.  It was 40 years of lightning caught in a bottle; and will probably never again be duplicated.
Author: Nikoran
You can feel the humanity right through this song.
Author: Kelabar
Levi was the best!!! What passion.
Author: Gat
great singers, great song writers this is music at it's very finest.


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