Magnificent Century S1 E13 English Subtitles

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Author: Kazraktilar
with Suleyman
Author: Brasho
Am 4rm India.watching ur serial.they r good.
Author: Mezinos
Suleiman has really changed the way he speaks towards hurrem. I couldnt see any love,
Author: Mubar
Inspite being so evil towards Hurrem, Ibrahim shows he's also human when he saw his father and brother. It made me so happy to see a happy family.
Author: Gugami
Good luck hurrem ! You will maried
Author: Nibei
Min. 33:43 - PARGA - town and municipality located in the northwestern part of the regional unit of Preveza in Epirus, northwestern Greece. The village of Parga stands from the early 13th century. It was originally built on top of the mountain "Pezovolo". In 1360 the Pargians, in order to avoid the attacks of the Magrebins, transferred the village to its present location. During that period, with the help of the Normans, who held the island of Corfu, the fortress of Parga was built. In 1401 a treaty was signed with the Venetians, and the rule of Ionian Islands passed to them. The Venetians respected the lifestyle of the Pargians who provided, in turn, invaluable assistance to the fleet of the Venetians. At the same time the Pargians fought by the side of their compatriots to throw off the Ottoman rule. As Parga was the only free Christian village of Epirus, it was a perfect refuge for persecuted fighters and their families. In 1797 the area, along with the Ionian Islands and Parga, fell into the hands of the French, and in 1800, proclaimed free city status with broad authority under the protection of the Sublime Porte. In 1815, with the fortunes of the French failing, the citizens of Parga revolted against French rule and sought the protection of the British. In 1817, following a treaty between Britain and the Ottoman Empire, the British granted Parga to the Ottomans (again these perfidious British who trade people's lives for their own interests as they did to Eastern Europe after WWII while dealing with Stalin). This resulted in the Good Friday of 1819 where 4,000 Pargians, having with them the ashes of the bones of their ancestors, their sacred images, flags and a handful of soil from their homeland, exiled themselves in the British protectorate of Corfu where they settled. The former citizens of Parga never ceased to dream of returning to a free country and to participate actively in the struggle for liberation. But they had to wait almost 100 years for this. Parga and the rest of Epirus was liberated from the Ottoman rule on 1913 following the victory of Greece in the Balkan Wars. Source - Wikipedia
Author: Grogal
No more love for you Mahidevran. You even try to fool everyone including Hurrem and pretend something went on between you and Suleyman
Author: Meztitaxe
Pargali brothers r they twins??
Author: Kajikus
In hindsight, each character is a life story so much sadness,have to watch several times to grasp each put them all together it's hot bubbling pot
Author: Goltigal
Author: Muhn
2:59 I don't think so xddd😂😂😂😂😂
Author: Shazilkree
Keep it up
Author: JoJole
Finally some justice for hurrem
Author: Kagazuru
Hurrem is awesome
Author: Zulkikinos
Ooooooo, Sumbal Aga likes someone.. <3
Author: Nira
Lov 4rm India.
Author: Arashizilkree
Mahidevran gets away with beating poison lying suffering hurrem but hurrem who was forced to slavery is punished treated so badly she must fight she is framed just like thousands of women worldwide Ibrahim is awful jealous person forgot how he got there ,is he in love with sulieman? Sulieman disappoints sometimes but that's the life then of sultan's and he was way better than many
Author: Tukus
When Hurrem gets pregnant again, she shouldn't tell Valide Sultan directly. Valide should find out with the rest of the rabble. She has been nothing but an enemy to Hurrem, her son's concubine who was forced to be concubine.
Author: Volar
what was the whole point of inviting mahridevran over if he did not intend to make up with her? it seems as if he just wanted to hurt hürrem and deliberately avoided the dinner..
Author: Shakajar
Watching all the way from The Philippines. 😁Turkey never disappoints us 💕💕
Author: Taukasa
Hürrem you are a legend.. you flight every öne alone and you won eventually 🌸
Author: Malabar
I don’t know why people like hidden . She is plainly evil and is full of demon like ambitions . She is willing to kill , insult , . Such behavior cannot be good for royals or the prosperity of empire . She brought all the trouble with her . I hate her
Author: Yozshugar
i like nigar kalfa in this stories.she have a good heart.. n between madhiveran n hurem hatun i choose hurem hatun even she's not qualified as a sultanah.😂


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