10 Cloverfield Lane Super Bowl Ad (2016) - Paramount Pictures

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Author: Kazradal
I heard a roar. THAT roar. It's definitely a sequel to the first film, then. HYYYYYPPPPPPEEEEEEEEE
Author: Vum
Author: Dijora
The monster is Donald trump, it's coming...
Author: Julkree
Thought maybe this was a prequel to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. :P
Author: Voll
groaning and moaning
Author: Vudobar
The monster doesn't stand a chance against John Goodman. John put up with Roseanne for nine years. He also once pulled a .45 magnum on another man for allegedly cheating during bowling. If you're a Goodman fan, you know what time it is.
Author: Faenos
Author: Taulmaran
Thank god! After the first trailer I was so worried that cloverfield was not going to be in this hence the movie tag line "Monsters come in many forms" but the roar at the end just settled all my worries. THE HYPE IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Author: Dora
I'm really hoping that Mulder and Scully have a cameo in this. Either way, it looks good.
Author: Nimuro
#Cloverfeels podcast
Author: Fenrishicage
Ladies and Gentlemen, Let's solve this ARG #10CL_HYPE
Author: Mikaran
"Children, behave..."
Author: Grosar
0:05 I don't remember that being in the film
Author: Voodooll
This looks awesome!
Author: Zolom
0:24 Poltergeist.
Author: Tygorg
Eight years guys... eight long, painful years we've been waiting for this.
Author: Daijas
ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN, and why is clover glowing?
Author: Nikokazahn
i screamed so loud when i saw the bad robot logo oh my GOD
Author: Vuzuru
"Something's coming"
Author: Mole
That roar at the end definately confirms its a sequel to the original
Author: Akinoshicage
It's got one of my favourite actress, definitely gonna watch
Author: Fer
The roar at the end sounds completely different from the monster's roar in the first one. The mother probably?


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