VH1 Vanilla Ice Remaking The Artist [Full Episode] [2005]

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Author: Tygolmaran
thank you for posting the vanilla ice stuff !
Author: Jumi
must be awesome for him to get on the stage
Author: Tukasa
All he had to do was work on his music and direct his own videos...nothing else...
Author: Mazuzuru
Ice both hurt and helped hip hop in a lot of ways. Yeah he was whack. But at that age he wasn't gonna say no to the money. That doesn't mean he was fake per-say. You can tell he had a love for hip hop. He just swayed in the wrong direction and by doing so hurt hip hop. But at the same time Ice brought a lot of buzz to hip hop. He and Hammer both pushed it on the pop charts. They ain't N.W.A or Public Enemy shiiit hell no but I don't think we can take away their love for the hip hop itself. Wrong choices was made is all. Were they whack? Yeah but shit they were a hit.
Author: Mukinos
Obviously, this is a show (there's no such thing as "reality TV") but a good way to look at this was Vince Neil did one of these remaking shows at around the same time. He got back in shape, tried a new sound, had a hit single and then reformed Motley Crue (they put out St. of Los Angeles, a hit record that rejuvenated their careers). Vanilla Ice didn't want to try anything new, and he's still playing the same crowds.
Author: Majin
Vanilla Ice Is FUNNY On This Show.
Author: Daikinos
He makes a point...falling off a ladder is stupid...give them all a million and see if they come back in a hour....
Author: Goltimuro
I hope he got something out of this after he saw the episode later. Just evolve a bit...
Author: Zukora
What an epic fail lol shame he didn't "stop collaborate and listen"...I have so much empathy for that drummer...
Author: Fejar
I like vanilla ice it is quite painfully obvious that he is still blaming the shutdown of he's early career on other people but nobody forced him to wear those pants and cut he's hair-like that, it was just part of the era back then. I think he's just lacking the IQ to see past that. I liked him on the surreal life people would really embrace him, if he just left alone he's past and just embrace what comes along with humor. Just remember Rob the older you get the less knocks on the door.
Author: Gobei
Thank you so much for this channel and for all the videos!
Author: Maulrajas
In a way having Vanilla Ice on this particular show feels cruel. Fame is more warping and stressful than people recognize. I remember when Ice Ice Baby blew up and then the backlash shortly after. He clearly feels humiliated and traumatized by his experiences with becoming a pop star. Putting him publicly in a process that attempts to make him over as a pop star again was destined to fail. I’m sure he was an active participant in making the decision to be on this show but all told, I end up feeling for him.
Author: Dokus
Im not a money brag type guy but the "dun that" sound is pretty good for rap mixed with Rock style...
Author: Basida
Author: Faujinn
Idk about now in 2015 but he was acting like a big child with his whole get up and attitude.
Author: Tahn
ya ive kicked it with Rob a few times myself, he is a pretty kool dude but sometimes he lets his ole ego get in the way, like with this show, sometimes Rob wont trust peeps and stuff like what happened on this show happen. Rob just needs more homies around to tell him really whats good
Author: Kigarn
I understand what you're all saying, but indeed someone in the past told him how to wear and how to look. you can see it beyond his attitude... Just look at his reaction when something reminds him those things of his past that maybe for everyone us is not a big deal but music and fun, but on backstage maybe those things were not so cool as you think.
Author: Samugul
i think vanilla ice is fucking perfect the way he is very juggalo.... whoop whoop


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