Smith & Wesson 686 357 magnums

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Author: Gabei
Mighty fine revolver and shooting, Sweet group of Smiths =)
Author: Brara
Nice very nice collection, great video. Thank You for posting it
Author: Zolozil
The only difference is I have Ruger revolvers.
Author: Gugar
Pretty weapons!
Author: Nerg
For a first gun/revolver, would you recommend the 4inch or the 6inch barrel?
Author: Yozshunris
I LOVE this wheelgun! I have a 686-5 built in 1997! Still a straight shooter dude!
Author: Goltitaxe
I really wish you guys would make a left-handed .357 magnum.
Author: Shakus
one day I'm buying that 686 p 6 inch
Author: Kigasho
Sweet as hell! I can tell you struggle with the recoil. You may need a stand to rest them in to shoot! I don't want you to hurt your little hands! LOL
Author: Gat
I will never buy an S&W with an internal lock
Author: Fenrishicage
gotta love revolvers
Author: Gajinn
A 6 inch and 4 inch GP100 and a 2 inch SP101.
Author: Fenrik
Feed your kitty cat... :(
Author: Sakinos
🎼2, 4, 6........where's the 8 so we can appreciate???🎶🤨
Author: Gugore
That looks just like my collection of revolvers @ 2:51
Author: Manris
Nice! I've got the 6". I've been thinking about getting the 4" as well.
Author: Telmaran
While growing up watching Westerns Id always knew my first Gun would be a Wheel gun
Author: Bragal
I'm a fan of the 629
Author: Tedal
I'm saving for the S&W 586 4-inch. I love Blued Revolvers.
Author: Zulukasa
I agree with you about revolvers. I have have semi-autos too, but it is a special place in my heart for the wheel guns.
Author: Kazragal
No better reason to buy a gun than it looks nice next to the others :) I'm happy that you are happy
Author: Takora
I think the 686 is the greatest looking double action revolver of all time. I have two of them,a six inch six shooter and a three inch plus. Did trigger jobs on both. The three inch really turned out good. Single action pull is a pound and a half. Very smooth.


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