Seated Liberty Coins 1833 to 1909 Drum Music

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Author: Akigar
some very beautiful coins to be sure! Fantastic old footage as well : ) Cool video and thanks for the look
Author: Gole
Awesome coins I have some of those a few seated halves that has some awesome toning I also found a 1877 seated half dollar nice coins do you have a nice size collection?
Author: Malaran
Author: Yosar
Nice Coins Merry Christmas 🎄🎄🎄
Author: Dagami
One of my favorite series. And I'm a drummer too so this video was especially awesome : ) Thanks!
Author: Tell
What got you into the coin collecting hobby? And merry Christmas 🎄 hope you found a rare coin under your tree.
Author: Kataur
i have a 1833 seated liberty, is thee a chance it's real?
Author: Fern
I’m back !!! Woot woot
Author: Zololl
Beautiful coins indeed. I like how you use historic pics and video inbetween showing the coins.
Author: Kazigrel
i find it allways best to get the older coins graded as its sort of guarantees authenticity which is good for reselling but as i can see your not short of the moneys so wont be reselling anytime soon lol. they look lovely and geniune big love crizzey
Author: Taudal
Wow, awesome video!!!


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