My National Geographic Geno 2.0 and Bonus Helix DNA Results Came In!

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Author: Yogal
Again, this does not rule out any small percentages, it just doesn't confirm them like researching your ancestry may. I'm sure one day they can really pinpoint DNA accurately, but we'll have to wait.
Author: Taull
I do have to disagree a bit again. An ethnicity showing up in just one of these tests doesn't mean you definitely have it. If it shows up more consistently using several companies it would be more reliable. Instead it could be that one test is reading your African as Sub-Saharan and another labels it North African. Or Native American is being mislabeled as Melanesian, etc. In general we can trust they correctly pinpoint European/African/Asian (though some companies have trouble with that too) but beyond that it's not as certain, especially when it comes to smaller percentages.
Author: Zulkigore
Author: Daizragore
With GEDmatch you can use the spreadsheets they provide by your pie charts. It will show what percentage of ethnicities different populations typically display. For example, on Eurogenes K13, you will find that according to their calculator a typical 100% Irish person receives 0.99% Amerindian, without having any Native American roots. Then by the pie chart, Oracle and Oracle-4 results will show which populations or combos of them (if your 4 grandparents weren't all from the same populations) are closest to you. Smaller the distance, the more likely you match them. You don't necessarily match all the ones listed, it just estimates which is the likeliest fit.
Author: Vozuru
That's neat that you got 2 reports. Thank you for sharing. This is an interesting test also because they use a different method (exome sequencing) than the other big ones, so it's fun to compare.
Author: Tygolkree
Here's a video explaining the overall concept pretty well:


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