Mossberg 500 18 and 28 overview

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Author: Tek
crank up those tunes!
Author: Kigakus
hi i was looking to buy one of these. do you recomend it? and does the lock come with the gun?
Author: Faelkis
Good video review, I am thinking of purchasing my first shotgun and the Mossberg 12 gauge I am considering in buying. Thanks for the good information that you provided in this video.
Author: Akilkis
Bonelli is a much better gun? How so? A shotty is a shotty, and you can't beat a Mossy for getting a simple job done.
Author: Yosho
Is there a way to tell if its the cheap forend 500 without dis-assembly?
Author: Vigis
I got one of these bad boys and I love it. Had it for a few years now.
Author: Samuzshura
Why are you wearing gloves. It give off kind of a creeper vibe or tells us that your wanted by authorities
Author: Kesar
Nice video...but the track record of the Mossberg 500 as you have brought out, your statement that the Benelli Super Nova is a better gun is open to debate. Costing more and having polymer in receiver does not make the Benelli better. The Mossberg will do everything that the Benelli will and do it just as well. They are just different and owning both is good. Not trying to disagree with you - I have great respect for the Mossberg. I also have both.
Author: Dasar
Thanks Shaun, Mossberg makes good shotguns.
Author: Mobei
Nice review. I bought this combo at Cabela's in July 2010 for $350. However, my short barrel was the 18.5in breacher barrel. I recently bough the Hogue 12" L.O.P. stock and fore end. I was pissed to realize that this version of the Mossberg 500 comes with a shitty fore end that it does not even have an action slide tube, which is needed to install the Hogue and many other aftermarket fore ends. I had to buy a 6 3/4 action slide tube and a Hogue adaptor nut to make my new for end fit.
Author: Niktilar
anybody else find the gloves a little creepy? glad he isn't my neighbour
Author: Kagajin
Got 3 of these. Working on my 4th
Author: Shakatilar
great video man. Thumbs up and fave.
Author: Kat
@DavinDaGeek thanks, I'm sure I won't be disappointed with this gun in a few years
Author: Darisar
@jtmoney606 I liked the action express as well, however went with the supernova
Author: Nikoll
prolly to keep the oil from his hands off his barrels.. so he didnt have to clean em off..
Author: Malagrel
With those gloves its more like "home invasion" than "home protection". But good review though man, thinking of buying one of these.
Author: Akinojin
The benelli in no way is a "better" gun, each gun has it's uses. Unless you've been shooting the shotgun for 20 years and see which lasts the longest then you can say it's the best... but if you want to spend double for a gun that you'll be storing in a closet or using 3-4 times a year then go right ahead.
Author: Zologis
@tim12161974 can't wait ti see yours, thanks
Author: Nizilkree
@DavinDaGeek thanks, I'm sure I'll be happy with this one and I'll hope to get the time to test both barrels
Author: Fegami
lmfao in a "mossberg 500 overview" I shouldn't learn how heavy a benelli is
Author: Tozshura
I'd try on Mossbergs site. I bought my M500 today and the 18.5" barrel actually came with it as a combo pack. Pretty sure that's how they come now.
Author: Kajigal
@bisquik3006 for the job of home de fence you can't go wrong with a Mossy, I could do a video comparing the two
Author: Makora
Saw it off


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