The Quantum Healing Technique for Healing Past Memories (Powerful Healing Process)

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Author: Negar
Guys it definitely works like charm. Especially if you don't know why you do the things that you do, if you don't remember the reason, this is really good technique. God bless you all
Author: Vudokazahn
I love that you spoke on this, I did this for a while and it’s very powerful! Peace love and gratitude to you Aaron! 🌈✨✌🏼
Author: Vimuro
It’s really beautiful and powerful Inhave used it for 10 years, but I added “I honor you” in a way to recognize all that you have lived honoring to all involved in the wound... here’s my tip for you my friend and is very powerful also to heal physical sicknesses 💪🏻🙏🏻
Author: Faubar
Hey Everyone! Here is the raise your vibration meditation that I mentioned in the video. I think you guys will find it powerful and effective. You can get it here ➡
Author: Vokree
This video has changed my life almost immediately. Thank you!
Author: Kigalkis
Aaron, you're terrific, so genuine and sincere!
Author: Torisar
WOAH!! I literally started doing Ho'oponopono last night! I love when things sync up like this. Thanks Aaron, you rock!
Author: Mazunris
my man......this right here is REVOLUTIONARY OMG!!!!!
Author: Tojalrajas
thanks Aaron, I had a very rough past, being abused emotionally by my aunt who raised me because my mom died and dad well, he just disappeared. cut things short, my teen life was somewhat ruined because i isolated myself, was not able to love other people.. and i have realised that i had to heal from within, i started digging deeper in me, by meditating, and telling myself that the moment was meant to happen and that i have healed also, and also i forgave myself for hanging in those memories, i forgave them and now all is well and i am 21 and still growing in this emotional healing. your videos have helped me a lot. Thank you Aaron
Author: JoJosho
I really wish they would teach kids this in school because some people have terrible upbringings.
Author: Kagajin
Exactly what I needed right this very moment. No lies. You are the bomb. Love your videos. Life changing. Love from New Zealand xx
Author: Negis
Really need to heal the past and let go of certain thought patterns connected with past events
Author: Meztisho
Its like doing inception in your own mind
Author: Gole
im literally crying, my traumatic past thanks you. i am chaning that now
Author: Nerisar
This morning I was meditating and I told my child self "I'm sorry this happened." And forgave her for certain things. I went and healed some memories and told her its okay. Just thought the timing for this video was impeccable lol great video
Author: Mak
Thank you Aaron ...both of my parents died when I was a little my sister and I was raised by family members, they treated us like shit growing up..and all my sister and I ever wanted was to be accepted but instead they hurt us, talked about us and treated us differently as if losing our parents wasn't hurtful enough. Now that I'm older, it still hurts me to my soul, every single day I think about my childhood as if it was yesterday thank you that I can learn to apologize and accept my past and begin to move on to the next level of my life because no one ever taught me how. Nobody ever taught me how to grow, how to be successful or how to love. This is a learning process for me but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make it to the next level of my life. THANK YOU for this video! Hugz dear 💕💐
Author: Daikora
omg thank you this is so powerful and works like a charm when i did the exercise i felt the healing almost physically i'm going to continue this. thank you.
Author: Shazilkree
I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.
Author: Gardat
Hey...thanx....perfect timing for this video...
Author: Malalkis
Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted studies that prove this to be true. In case anyone needs fact vs faith. Its with ice crystals. Look it up ;)
Author: Vogore
Very powerful, thanks! I'm crying while watching this. Feels so good to be able to change my past so I can have a different reality of what I am today. Thank you so much for this!


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